My son of, “I’m Derek and you’re not” has an awesome post this week. He wants you to rank the rivalrys..he has a pretty good list..and hey give my boyyyyyyyy some luv.  check him out!

I’ll be on later with a new post..promise 😉


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  1. Darla..

    I will try not to abuse him to bad on sport knowledge.

  2. hahahaha he is good..talking sports is his thing..sleeps with ESPN on..and he is pretty good with stats…not sure about what he is doing now.. 😆 he is enjoying the comment love…derek is 12…he already knows more about it than me… i think he can take it..or he will let you know…praying for my boyyyyyyyyyy. 😉

  3. tam

    he is such a goof ball.

    hmmmm…i wonder where he get THAT from???

  4. Maybe the same place Kota gets his from..mmmmm maybe just an age or maybe grandparents..YA we can always blame it on some of those genes we don’t know or care for…are you calling me a goofball…okay I take that and love you anyway.

  5. Please let me rephrase that…
    Are we related?? you know, donors and all? just wondering..

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