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Blogging Bible Study-John 2

John Chapter 2, since this is a blog post, I am only going to center my thoughts on one area.  This will also be speculation but hopefully I can show you through scripture how I came to this thinking. 

JOHN 2: 13-17

13The Passover of the Jews was near, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 14And He found in the temple those who were selling oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers seated at their tables. 15And He made a scourge of cords, and drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and the oxen; and He poured out the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables; 16and to those who were selling the doves He said, “Take these things away; stop making My Father’s house a place of business.” 17His disciples remembered that it was written, “Zeal for Your house will consume me.”

In my own thinking the whole idea of business is to make a profit…but no profit for man should be made in the House of God.  Why were they able to set this up?  my guess is the same as and demand.  GOD ordered them to bring something to sacrifce to HIM to show their repentance and then HE would forgive.  Somehow it looks like they made it kind of cheesy, they didn’t need to bring thier own..they could just buy it long walk with your best sheep or whatever your household could long walk with the animal, pondering on why you were doing this, or preparing your heart for a repentance..just merely ritual..sort of like-God wants us to do this, so here we have done it.  Just my thinking…and pondering…But what about the doves/pigeons…they were the sacrifce called out in the very beginning for the ones who were very poor, destitute, and surely they could set out to catch one or two for a sacrifice…now they can just buy one..with what? and it really looks like someone has been taken advantage of the poor.

Maybe not, there are other reasons for bringing doves/pigeons..

In the following list is just the tip of the iceburg for scripture pertaining to sacrifice;

Leviticus 1,5,12,14, 15/Numbers 6/Luke 2:24

I appears to me that by selling this at the temple, none of it is any longer  the best of what one has, or spottless or remotely close to what GOD had requested, its what I could get on the way(last minute thinking)..they like us have given in to convience, even at our own cost…they allowed it. 

So, what was the house of GOD to resemble?

-a house of prayer (Luke 19:46/I Kings 8,9)

-a meeting/dwelling place for God(KING)(I Kings 8,9/I Corinthians 3:17)

DId they know what wrong they were doing? Absolutely! they were not only taught it from birth, but they were also the leaders and teachers of the Holy Script…Can you say “open bold face defiance”?   I think to bring it closer to our hearts..and into our life application…think..I am going to walk into my house, where it is just like I want it to be…but when I get there…cow crap on my floor, it looks like a barn and smells like one too…where is the incense smell I insist on…How long would it take you to start throwing it all out the door?  GOD’s house..requiring respect for a HOLY KING, or one HOLY whoopin is on the way!

Now, we are that temple, HE lives in us, …..that is another post another time! 🙂

**don’t forget to go and check out the other posts on this chapter all are listed on my blogroll, a section for the Bible Study group…Carl, and Joe have already posted and they are worth taking a look and leaving a comment, thanks!**



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Faithful 24/7

God is always faithful.  NOT just sometimes but all the time.  It’s one of the things that I love the most about HIM.  HE is all that HE says HE is, and HE is all that and more 24/7.  Beautilicious!  The Great I AM, is exactly what I am needing at any given time of the day, and always faithful to do just that.  Its really on me to look to HIM and ask.  HIS character is flawless, and HIS beauty surpasses anything this earth has for me to view. (and after Oregon, that is almost hard to swallow, but still true)  HIS mercy/compassions are new every morning…we breathe because HE gives that to us, and when we gaze upon a sunset or sunrise…its hard to imagine-but try-HE has saved the best for eternity.  I know I have heard the whole thing about gases and pollution being the cause of color in the sky. But you know HE could have made it black! ahhhh but He didn’t. 

Its okay to think that HE did it all for you, because He did, although HE also did it for others, YOU were always on HIS mind.  Do you love that?  HE knew that today I would look out the window, and just love the colors in the flowers and the greens in the trees, and that I would laugh at a raindove pretending to have a broken wing as it tried to get me move farther away from its nest.  HE knew when HE created the eagle that I would sit and watch it for hours, and be in awe of what it meant to really “rise up on wings like eagles”. 

I am at this place right now, because HE does not let go, HE brings me back to where I need to focus, and HE places prayer warriors like a hedge of protection around me.  Thank you Jesus!  I have seen so many answers this week, and some of them literally holding me up with each step.  This is the kind of GOD we serve, one who is happy with HIMself, loves HIS children, runs to them when they call HIM, and when they need to rest,…He lies them down, and cuddles close and reminds me of how much I (we) mean to HIM.  This is relationship..I am praying tonight that you all have it, or that you will soon be amazed at what HE will show to you, and or do to keep you close to HIM.  Sweet!


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Brillant Weblog Award ( for real??)

Steph gave me this award.  I don’t feel like I deserve it, but that is also how I feel about God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.  It’s all bigger than the little brain I have.  If you haven’t visited Steph please do, read through her posts…she is authentic, fun, loving, honest, and struggles with this life like the rest of us.  I have been blogging with her over a year, and she is like a sister to me.  She is definitely an encourager, and I am blessed to have her in my life.  So that said, I am humbled that she would give me this award, on the grounds that whenever she comes here, she gets Jesus.  WOW what a huge compliment!

Last week I had thought and wondered if I am still showing Jesus like I set out to do when I started blogging, or have I become laxed and started to mesh.  After praying I thought I really need to step it up and get back to what is important and show a little love (for cryin out loud). Keep me in line! tell me when I am not showing Jesus, and when I need to show a little love!  I will honestly love it.

I am passing this one to just a couple princess’ who have not only stoled my heart, but with out fail, have pointed me back to Jesus a number of times…There are many I could give this too…some of you hate this kind of stuff…and some would not pass it on…so….drumroll please….

Heidi, Tanya, Debs, Tam, Trina, Birgit, Michelle…please visit these girls, and give them some love from me…I do love them..and yes they have always been there and pointed me back, even when I could not see a thing.  Always reminding me in thier writings that we walk by faith and not by sight… LOVE THEM!


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100% Free, all for GOD’s GLORY

Yesterday, we at Calvary Bible Church had our first Block Party, an outreach to the community.  As I have said before, outreach is also an in reach to the congregation.  All who were there were blessed! God is always good, and watching HIM work is my favorite thing!  Some people from the church that don’t usually show up for things were there helping, and enjoying the fun.  At one point, some counted about 150 people, and 60% of them do not go to church.  Amazing!  There was live music by Praise365, along with the praise band, a puppet show, games, prizes, a dunk tank, and bouncing Giraffe.  Also a ton of food!  Hotdogs, brownies, cookies, rice crispie treats, chips, cotton candy, soft ice cream, drinks.  Did I mention that everything was FREE…hahaha there were a few little boys who kept asking me about different things and asking if that was free too!  For four hours our parking lot was busy, and people were experiencing what FREE and random acts of Kindness were all about.  Here are a few pics…


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Waging War

After the last days of feeling like I was walking through water, cloudy brain, and being on edge…you can imagine the relief when I woke up this morning and it was gone.  While having my quiet time, I was just praising HIM that my perspective seemed better, and that HE is always with me.  I love that! 

I have been looking for a few things that I seem to have misplaced since I returned from vacation and this morning, it was totally clear where they were…so I was all about “thank you Jesus, thank you”…and I continued to get ready for my day.  One of the things I misplaced was a CeCe Winans cd that I just bought and only listened to the first five songs.  Knowing that CeCe can bring on the worship in me..I put it on.  Again this prompting in me…”jump ahead to what you haven’t heard yet”..HAHAHA God is good!  This is what I found…causing me to fall into awe of HIM, and remembering fresh all that HE has promised and all HE is capable of..

Waging War

Anoint my head

Anoint my feet

Send your Angels raining down,

here on the battleground

For your GLory, we’re taking territory

Fighting unseen enemies like never before

We’re waging war.

I’m tiired of principalities messin with me

I’m tired of the devil  stealing from me

I promise he won’t get one more thing

I’m taking it back, taking territory

We’re waging war

I’m ready for the battle

I’m ready to win

We’re waging war

My weapon of power HE lives within

We’re waging war

I can’t be defeated

the enemy has got to flee

we’re waging war

I’m taking it back, taking territory

Going into battle

be my sword, be my shield

as we claim the victory over the enemy

In your name you rule and reign.

never being defeated anymore

we’re waging war

Send your fire, fire by night

cloud by day, a strong tower.

Send the Latter rain

Lion of Judah

Lord God  might in battle

Since you did it back then

we know you’ll do it again.


Does God ever speak to you through music?? I just love when HE gives me a new song on my heart, and that it encourages me like it does!  (This is also a direct result of all my soldiers….praying me you and thank you)


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Christians rant? WHAT!

We can debate theologies til we are blue in our face or til Jesus comes!  Would someone please tell me what does it serve, or better who does it serve?  The great commissioning doesn’t say anything about it, and I am guessing that once we have fullfilled the original plan then we can have at it. 

But where is the Love? Where is the hope?  Where is the faith? sometimes we honestly have to accept things, and believe that God knows and HE has a plan… Sometimes we cause more pain instead of healing, and most of the time we forget that someone may be listening or watching our carelessness, who may very well be on the edge of believing. What are we portraying in our everyday lives, in our blogs, and in our humor? 

I want to portray Jesus in all that I do.  Even in my blog… I am not a follower of Matthew Henry, I am not a follower of Calvin, I am not a follower of who ever else may be used for debate…I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and child of GOD, and for the record…GOD is not silent, and if you ask HIM, I believe HE will tell you what you need to know for today, and the Holy Spirit will guide and teach you what you need to learn in the HIS perfect timing.

OUTREACH- so many are writing about it, and honestly are you doing it? or just telling others how they should?  Sitting home and blogging about it doesn’t constitute doing anything, unless of course you are called to instruct…mmmmm

YES christians, Christ followers are human, we screw up, we live life like every one else..we repent, we are forgiven..and sometimes we rant!


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