Daily Archives: August 6, 2008

Missing Oregon

I woke up this morning, desperately missing this!  Table Rock!  and all the beautiful places and people who surround it.  I know in my heart of hearts, that somehow, and someday…God is going to get me back there, and has ministry for me to do right there.  HE has caused me to fall in love with this place, to pray for the people of Oregon, to think about them day and night.  Sometimes just waking up the yearning starts.  For today, I have to press on in the service that is given to me here, and believe and trust that HE is already at work laying the ground work for me to be there.  Have you ever felt the “call”, do you know this “yearning”?  Has HE ever caused you to be so captivated by an area that you cry for them?  HE has done this to my whole family…just the word “Oregon”, brings a smile.  (with exception to Lacey-but I am praying HE is working to bring her too)



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