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Serving Idols

II Kings 17: 33/41  both verses reference worshipping God and serving other gods/idols…(a study by Kelly Minter- No Other Gods-is built off these verses, and worth a look)

I have been on a thought pattern for sometime, and it coincides with idol worship.  The first commandment is “Thou shalt have no other God’s before me”.  My thoughts are running to-how many other gods do we have, and what is thier purpose in our lives?  Is it unbelief that creates them?  I am leaning towards it is unbelief..but before anyone jumps to their feet and stomps off…I am not accusing anyone, as I have my own issues.  So work through this with me…

If we are motivated by anything other than God, that makes that one thing an idol..we may not worship it, but we serve it.  How about just the way we dress?, or the way we obsess over things we don’t have? or maybe things we do have that we hold so dearly to us?  just my thoughts this morning…what do you think about idols in a modern world? They aren’t usually statues in the western world, they are usually more subtle.

Father God, we fall upon your mercy, we are worshipping you and serving other gods.  We desperately need you to show us each one, and then help us to know how to tear it down.  We need your guidance, and we need soft hearts to agree with you.  Please take your place on the throne of our hearts, and may everything that appeals to us, automatically take a seat behind you.  Forgive us for the way we reach out to things of this world, all the while knowing you are the Only One who is worthy of our worship and service.  Your child that shudders at the thought of idols subtly creeping into my life.



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