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Prayer-its what we are missing…

Lately, I have noticed how the Spirit seems to be anointing our youth today to stand stronger, and move quicker, and pray harder.  Actually I have been watching this for the last several years. 

Prayer works, and it may not always get the answer we want, but it always gets the best answer.  I pray for my children, I pray for who they will marry, and the friends that they will meet.  One has already married a wonderful man and I do believe it to be a result of prayer.  But today as I was thinking about how our prayer life works, and how dedicated we are to it, I read Trina’s post “Clicks”. Tears.  Honestly, as an adult I see it, and tend to push past it, as I am not a clicky person.  I know the effects it has on the ones looking on…but then I look at Trina..16 years old…and she is praying on her knees in spirit and truth…not for a new car, or for money…but for the body of Christ to do what it is sent to do.  Love someone unlovely, be accepting to someone that may even be repulsive.  Check her out..i am joining her in that prayer she wrote, I hope you do too.  Prayer it works…we need to it…and we need to think big and out of the box…faith like a child.

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