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“Believe Me”

A very long time ago, while begging the Lord to return, HE told me “my bride isn’t ready, she doesn’t believe me”.  While studying and looking through terminology on the “bride”, my study of revelations began.  The bride is to believe HIM, not just that HE is, but all that makes HIM who HE is.  It totally changes the heart and the view of the world around us.  “How to be an Overcomer” is huge in my search engines that direct to this blog…so many people looking to overcome something, and looking for answers.  To be an overcomer starts with believing HIM…its a trust issue.  Its something we work at, something we choose, not always a feeling or emotion…It is possible if we know who HE is, and that HE is capable of doing all that HE says.  If we don’t know the Word of God, we can not know HIM, its personal, its one on one, its taking HIM at HIS word, and not mixing a ton of what others think or believe into the mix. 

Recently God has been helping me to love the body of Christ.  Seems strange to say that, but its true.  Although I did not expect to fall in love with the body.  SHE is extremely beautiful, and I am understanding a little more why HE would say “I am enthalled by your beauty”.  

I can do all things, (ANYTHING) through HIM who strengthens me…EVERYTHING is possible..Jesus loves some Misfits, and they are the body of Christ. The hardest part of believing for me is to believe that I am who God says I am.  How about you, do you believe it? Do you know your identity in Christ?

If you haven’t already been..you need to..visit Nor and his recent post, and Carl and his recent post, both on John chapter 5..this is the body, and they are beautiful!



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