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Hope Stealers…just say NO

I have written about hope before…but it seems to me that if the enemy can steal your hope through well meaning people, he still has your hope..and what is a life without hope…

Has anyone recently tried to steal your HOPE? I am battling this right now, and the bottom line is NO YOU CAN NOT TAKE MY HOPE! HOPE is a gift from God and no one has the right to take it from you. It doesn’t matter if they are more educated or if they use 100 dollar words, God has not given them the right.

We all have gifts that the LORD has given to us, and we are different , because we serve a God who is happy with Diversity, and wants us to be the same. Accepting one another , and edifying each other is what we are sent out to do. (YES spreading the Gospel is our first goal) Fellowship with believers is encouragement to our souls, and we need it. It makes all the difference in how we respond to others. If our emotional needs are not met, it is hard (if not impossible) to reach out and help someone else. Jesus will meet those needs, and at times HE sends someone into your life to be HIS hands and feet, HIS voice…Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Believe that!

Its not my place to judge or to become prideful, as I look at others. Its my place to Love and to be an example of Jesus. I do think HE smiles on me, and that HE is not against me, HE is for me. I believe the same for you. HE is not standing around thinking of how HE can mess up your day, or how HE can trap you in a corner and demand submission. HE does want us to be submissive, but what I have found to be true in my life is this same submission is motivated by Love. The more I come to know HIM the more I love HIM, and in return the more I want what HE wants.

What is the purpose of having so much knowledge that you can not communicate with people? There is no love in making someone feel lesser or dumb, or that they have no place near you as you have risen above them. What good is it to have gifts and not have love? The Bible says they are useless. When I finish this journey, I want to see HIM face to face, and I do not want to hear…I never knew you. I want to hear, “well done” , and that is the journey I am on, believing that I will hear that, and knowing that if I can not show love, then I am lacking in the area that is dominant. I need more Jesus in my life, in my heart and on my lips.

Jesus showed compassion to the people. Love. HE loved them, and they did not know HIM yet. The ones that HE showed anger to, and divided were the Pharisees, and Saducees….I don’t want to become so intelligent that it becomes my salvation, and a right to treat people with less respect. I was one of those people that Jesus touched with compassion, and I know HE broke through a heart of stone, and taught it to love, and to trust HIM. I love the life I have with HIM, and I don’t want the other. So, NO YOU CAN NOT TAKE MY HOPE! MY HOPE IS IN THE LORD. AND I WILL NOT BE MOVED!







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