Daily Archives: August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend-banging!

Papa and Mama know how to have fun! and they were not stingy in sharing with us! LOVE THEM!!

Frantz’s make breakfast for Mama and Papa…Derek made the pancakes, and Mama was excited about it!  (she is a sweetheart..LOVE HER!)

Sweet Gch-y Gch-y girl!! love her!!, she is extremely beautiful inside and out!! and also had her hand in this cookie jar…post about it on Papas blog!! LOL  What a wonderful surprise!!!

This was the end to the perfect day, we all went back out on the lake in Precious 2, Papa showed us how fast it goes…and let us hang out to watch the perfect sunset!  AWESOME!!

Well, we are still not home…we are half way, at the hotel…and headed the rest of the way in the morning..but for this moment..my babies are looking hungry again…so we are out to find some food.  For all who have been praying for us..Thank you! We are truly blessed, and giving God all the Praise!  More pics to com….



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