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  (this pic will not stay where I put it..so this is in my yard..cool..got it at the bay)

Today we took the kiddos shopping for some school things..Do you all have a Gabriel Brothers?? well I like to go there about three times a year..all name brand stuff for cheap…ya that is the way to go with kids..they get what they like..I get the price I like.

So for under $200.00, two pairs of nike air sneakers… two hoodies, three pair of jeans…underwear ( hey what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t buy that stuff??), t-shirts and some cardstock for my Lace…yup I still can breathe! 

So I am going to post some pics..a little of where we live..and one of Trina sporting her new hoodie with the “bunny” on it…it says… “If this is a reality show…change the channel!”  hahaha even I laughed at this one!  Love you all and hope you are having nice weather, and a good weekend!

(BTW_ all chat on Debs blog tonight at 8…yea I know she is not here, but we are! 😉  )

she is too cute and way happy with this hoodie!

what is eating my favorite rose bush?? this will not do..I am a princess for crying out loud!

I love when princess’ hangout in front of our home…makes my heart happy..and also easy on my eyes!

Boyyyyyyy and niece Katy, swimming in the yard..my hubs builds a nice fence , huh?

well thats me on a saturday…heading out to the yard for some hanging in the pool, a cookout with my folks…and just turning all my blessings back to praise!



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