Daily Archives: August 26, 2008

Change, isn’t it inevitable?

Back to School! LOL Our school district started yesterday with the new school year, with many changes to time and schedules.  Its all the same to me, my day is longer, and I have more stops, and less time to my self throughout the day, but overall its still the same job.  You know, the one I applied for, the one I have (which is a blessing to even have one), the job that God so brillantly lead me to. 

So many people are disturbed-from parents to students, from teachers to adminstrators, from the bus company to the drivers…I guess I am at a loss here…I don’t understand what is all the problem.  We all have things we must do, and everything that is new requires a little thinking…I  just don’t get it!

Here I am, wondering when I became easy going, and good with change?  Are you good with change? Are you good with crossing bridges when you get to them, and not contemplating them before you even get there?



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