My Reads


FIrst and Foremost…My Bible is the most read and daily reference I use..all my books must line up with scripture, and my Jesus always reads with me…so be careful little eyes what you see..that is what I read by.

I am a book junkie!  Love them!  I love to read books that fill my mind with things that benefit my walk with God.  This list is extensive but not conclusive  😉

My Bibles/commentaries/concordances

NASB- i have been told that this one is the closest to the original in translation but must be the updated version

NIV-this is the first Bible I ever read, actually read and it is like home to me.

Amplified-I love to compare and use this one in my parallel

Message-this has been helpful to get a concept across in language that transposes well…not a study Bible.


Old Reads

AW Tozer -anything and everything he has written, you won’t go wrong reading his stuff…I want to be like him in the image of Jesus when I grow up.

Oswald Chambers- My Utmost for His Highest-this book always causes me to reflect on my self and see if I am lined up with God in different areas of my life…it truly has helped me to grow.

Andrew Murray-On Wings like Eagles-but all of his books are incredible.

Hannah Whitall Smith- The God of All Comfort-feeling like you need a little comfort and love..this is the book.

Keswick Authentic Voice- several different pastors and their sermons that set the east coast on fire for God and started the biggest revival seen here in the states…incredible sermons.  (this book is out of print-but I found mine on ebay, and its in pretty good condition…)

Newer Reads

John Piper-Desiring God/Future Grace/What Jesus demands from the World-I haven’t read anything from him that was not thought provoking, and shining a light on scripture that drew me closer to the Lord.

Beth Moore-all her books are wonderful and will cause you to dig into scripture and see something new…she encourages your own look at what God says. ( My favorite is Jesus the One and Only/hardback…somedays I just need Jesus and nothing else!)

JI Packer- Knowing God- really helps to get a picture of the God we need to know, makes a huge difference to know HIM, and not just fear HIM, keeps us from falling into the trap of legalism.

Max Lucado- Love all his books especially when I just want to kick back and have an easy read with some meat to it.  My favorite is He Still Moves Stones.

Mark Buchanan-Holy Wild/Your God is too Small/ Sabbath Rest…he is a young pastor with a wife and kids in Canada and his writing is incredible along with his insights.

Sam Storms-One Thing(developing passion for the beauty of God), very good book also recommended by John Piper.

 Kay Arthur-Our Covenant God- all her books are great, this one helps us to understand covenant and what it means to God, we really have nothing to compare it to in our culture.

My Help Me God Reads

TD Jakes- Woman thou Art Loosed-filled with scripture and shows through NT example what God/Jesus thinks of you as a woman, and how the hurts of the past were not HIS intention for you, but HE will use it to make something special and beautiful in are loosed from your past.

Jerusha Clark-Every Thought Captive-sweet look at how to actually take thoughts captive and live the life God wants for you.

Cynthia Spell Humbert-Deceived by Shame, Desired by God…this is a must read if abuse is in your past..incredible insights.

Beth Moore- Breaking Free/Praying God’s word-powerful in breaking strongholds, and learning to use your sword (Bible)

Devotional Reads

Henry Blackaby-Experiencing God day to day-I learn so much in this little book, and often when I just feel like my cup is running empty, I will read a passage and pray, and my cup is full again.

Max Lucado-Grace for the Moment I& II – very good thoughts for anytime

Oswald Chambers-My Utmost for HIS Highest- very good for anytime




10 responses to “My Reads

  1. Darla, my latest read is Destined to Reign by Joseph Prince…it has transformed my life. It is God’s extravagant grace and love revealed completely….amazing!! You can find it on Amazon.

  2. Thanks kelly, I am looking and praying for something new to read, I have such a hunger for the Lord and HIS understanding…I know HE will give it to me in HIS time..thanks again!!

  3. heaven4earth

    Cool site, I just stopped by. Its nice to see other God lovers on the web, may Christ himself continue to fill you and give you grace, wisdom and glory in your ministry on the net.

    Bonhoeffer’s cost of discipleship is a great read, I try to get to it about once a year. Other books that have impacted me are like Joyner’s the Final Quest and H.A. Baker’s Vision beyond the Veil, which is a phenomenal Biblical level experience of some orphan kids in China. I have always learned to listen to children, they never lie and are without pretenses. That has been my experience too, throughout Africa. Bless you much

  4. heaven4earth- thank you for visiting, and I hope you come back soon! I also am enjoying your blog. I have had a real pull on my heart to pray for Africa, and GOd has given me a few specific people to lift and you my friend are one. THanks for the book to check out..I will as I am looking for a new one to read. Peace and Love to you, from our Holy God, who is more than we can imagine in this mind, may HIS love just surround you and make HIS presence known to encourage you!

  5. Tanya

    I really know what you mean about staying with books that are covered in the word of God. I love Beth Moore’s Breaking Free. It has really changed my life. I just recently heard about Hannah Whitall Smith. I am going to get some of her books. I am also going to do a study on George Mueller. He did some wonderful things in his time. I love your site, full of truth. God bless you and I will talk to you later. Tanya

  6. Darla,
    This is my first visit to your blog, I jumped over here from @ngie’s blog. I happened to notice in “myreads” you note Mark Buchanan as a favorite; he is my pastor. I agree that his insights are fantastic, if you want to hear his sermons you can find them here

  7. carin- thank you so much for your comment and for the link! I am excited and can’t wait to hear some of these messages, I have learned so much from this man in just reading his writings. please visit me again

  8. You are welcome, I enjoyed my visit and will come again 🙂


  9. Hey Darla 🙂 Love your books I actually Love to read too… I haven’t read most of these though… other than of course the different translations of the bible 🙂 Those 4 are my favorite too especially the Amplified because it just tells you how it is and the message is very straight forward 🙂 I love it… my pastor usually preaches from the amplified too

  10. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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