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Spent some time today with the family at a BBQ cook off where Hubs band played.  I love this bunch of guys, I just am never sure how they are til I get there.  You know, we all live life, and of course things happen…with that said…

A friend of mine from the past was there, and the last time I saw her, she was broken hearted, getting on her harley and leaving here “forever”, not sure where she was going, and not really caring.  She is now taking classes on line from Liberty, is good with God, and clean and sober for two years.  What an awesome reunion that is! (Did I mention I love her?? like since I meet  her 15 years ago!) Instantly it was on my heart how I prayed for her, for God to just protect her and bring her to HIM.  Praise God!

Another friend was there and he has a long story, but has been coming closer and closer to the Lord over the past few years, has a serious alcohol and drug past, but has also been clean for at least a year, but up til  today he had a pretty wild tongue.  But I love him, he’s like a brother. Today he slipped with a curse word, and instead of apologizing to me, he said “man I have really been working on that, and I shouldn’t have said that”…it was sweet to my heart, God at work.

So the music was good(of course), the food was awesome, had my kids with me(love that), and spent the afternoon with two more people that the world loves to hate, but Jesus loves! Sweet! I am giving up some praise for the way HE changes a heart, and no one else can do that.

How is your weekend going?



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