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Another day on the bus

This is a few of the conversations I had today on the bus..

Little Girl (7)-Miss Darla, when you were gone we had a man and he was stinky.

Me- I am sure he was trying to do everything well , for you, maybe you can cut him a break.

Little Girl (7) – no, he did stink, he passed gas the whole time.  😯


Little boy (5)- I missed you. I told the other driver  I sit in this seat and he said okay, so is that okay?

Me- sit your own seat, don’t lie to the other driver, he believed you.

Little boy (5) – I know that was so cool!

Little Girl (6) – Miss Darla, do you think you will have time to clean the bus today? Its dreadful in here! 🙂 i just learned that word.

Me- I will try.

My son- I can’t go to school I am sick.

Me- okay

(got home a few hours later, the house smells amazing like someone cooking breakfast…find the son..eating a huge breakfast that he cooked..)

Me- are you sick?

Son- I have no idea why I am home, so I thought I would make some food.. 

Me- hit the shower…school soon!


I really do love my job, and I really love my son…today feels a little like the twilight zone…oh well, someone has to do it!



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25 Random things about me

Between Blogsville and Facebook  (hahaha) peeps want to know my randomness, we go… Selena, Brandy, Ric, Dale mostly for you!  If you are reading this and no one has asked you to do this..I am asking  you now! so leave me a comment if you are going to do this, so we can all come and read!

1. I believe Oreos are medicine, and always make me feel better.

2. I believe the church is not a building.

3. If I could do anything in the world today without repercussions, I would choose doing nothing.  I like nothing.

4. I like diet coke with splenda (no one sells it here anymore..bummer)

5.Coffee is an amazing drink, and I love it, and want it several times a day.

6. Although some think I may be ADD I t hink I am just NOT inhibited.

7. I drive a school bus, and I like it.

8. My children are priceless to me.

9. I love to make my kids laugh!

10.  I am a Christ follower, but not a Pharisee..there is a difference.

11. My blog family is real to me..and I adore them!

12. When I was little I had imaginary friends, so # 11 concerns my mother.

13. I am the middle child of 5.

14. I have 3 brothers, and 1 sister.

15. My family is dysfunctional, and I was okay with that til I learned the word “dysfunctional”, my grandma used to say that if not for Jerry Springer and Oprah, we would not even know ..sooo they will have to answer to God for that! hahahaha

16. Being real is most important to me.

17.  I love big breakfast on Saturday mornings!

18. I love that saturday morning breakfasts are made by HUBS!

19.  Studying the Word is my lifeline.

20.  Meeting Bloggers is vacation to me

21. Love love love the Beach!

22. Love the mountains too, but beach is first!

23.  I am unemployed in the summer, and I like that.

24. I have two dogs and a cat…i dig critters! 🙂

25. I am blessed.


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My son of, “I’m Derek and you’re not” has an awesome post this week. He wants you to rank the rivalrys..he has a pretty good list..and hey give my boyyyyyyyy some luv.  check him out!

I’ll be on later with a new post..promise 😉


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  (this pic will not stay where I put this is in my it at the bay)

Today we took the kiddos shopping for some school things..Do you all have a Gabriel Brothers?? well I like to go there about three times a year..all name brand stuff for cheap…ya that is the way to go with kids..they get what they like..I get the price I like.

So for under $200.00, two pairs of nike air sneakers… two hoodies, three pair of jeans…underwear ( hey what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t buy that stuff??), t-shirts and some cardstock for my Lace…yup I still can breathe! 

So I am going to post some pics..a little of where we live..and one of Trina sporting her new hoodie with the “bunny” on it…it says… “If this is a reality show…change the channel!”  hahaha even I laughed at this one!  Love you all and hope you are having nice weather, and a good weekend!

(BTW_ all chat on Debs blog tonight at 8…yea I know she is not here, but we are! 😉  )

she is too cute and way happy with this hoodie!

what is eating my favorite rose bush?? this will not do..I am a princess for crying out loud!

I love when princess’ hangout in front of our home…makes my heart happy..and also easy on my eyes!

Boyyyyyyy and niece Katy, swimming in the hubs builds a nice fence , huh?

well thats me on a saturday…heading out to the yard for some hanging in the pool, a cookout with my folks…and just turning all my blessings back to praise!


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Do you think BUB is serious about the Packers???

go-packers.jpgAll geared up and ready to yell! I am hoping for the Packers tonight mostly because I want Bub to be happy! No that is not his real name, just a name I call him sometimes..but hey this is the internet, and my kids are not bloggers (yet!)


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