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Yesterday, Today, and Forever…

My yesterdays could fill a library of books that would appear to be made up to some, and gospel to others.  I can point out where God has been in my past, even when I didn’t know it.  I could fill my blog with all the terrible things I’ve done and have been forgiven.  BUT one of the things I like to get others to think about is “What is God doing in our lives today?”, Is HE doing anything? Is HE stirring my heart towards forgiveness/repentance, maybe truth..or is HE changing my heart towards how I look at things, even respond to things today?  Then I like to take it alittle further…(ya if you know me, you know I do push the ticket), What do you see God doing in your life for your future?

I believe that HE delivers us from our past to give us a present, and a future.  The Bible says that HE is always at work, and changing us into a likeness of HIS son.  I can only speak for myself…but that is a huge undertaking, and a gigantic job.  Me, looking like Jesus…

What is HE doing in your life?  Is HE opening doors that maybe you don’t want to walk through?  But those are your future…and honestly I can plan my future, but unless I am doing it HIS way..what kind of future is that going to be?  Maybe HE is stirring your heart to stretch your faith, or maybe teaching you communication with HIM, listening to HIS voice, discerning HIS voice, …

HE is the same Yesterday, today, and forever… HE is my KING of my yesterdays (even the very bad ones), and the KING of my today, and most incredibly my KING of all my tomorrows….HE has plan.  Wondering if you know how HE is working in you right now, and maybe you would share it with me?



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My son of, “I’m Derek and you’re not” has an awesome post this week. He wants you to rank the rivalrys..he has a pretty good list..and hey give my boyyyyyyyy some luv.  check him out!

I’ll be on later with a new post..promise 😉


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