Daily Archives: August 13, 2008

Pressing on…towards what?

I believe that as a child of God , I am holy and dearly loved, a holy priesthood to spread the knowlege of knowing HIM.  I believe that I am the bride of Christ.  I believe that I am the apple of HIS eye.  I believe that HE is always good, and always at work in my best interest to look more like HIS son, in character.  I could go on..and yes each one mentioned above is scriptural…and to all believers..all part of our identity in Christ.  Knowing these things is one thing(and important for me to  know), but believing them with my heart is another thing completely. This is where the battle of the mind takes place.  It is critical to my walk to be careful what I take into my mind, it is critical that I don’t take part in things that are not praiseworthy.  Not because I am “holier than thou”, because I want Jesus to be what you see in me, and not me at all.  If I take part in crude joking, to the non-believer there will be no Jesus shining through it.  If I gossip about someone else…again  no Jesus in that. 

Michelle has an awesome post up right now on Guarding the Heart, and it is exactly what God has been talking to me about the last couple of weeks.  If you haven’t read it, go and read. 

My goal that I am pressing on … is to be more like Jesus, a pic of Ephesians, I John, and to be the bride in Revelations ready for her bridegroom-and overcomer.  Peace.



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