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In Need of Resurrection?

My princess sister, Heidi, put this video in a comment on the last thread.  And it touched my heart so much!  I have loved this song, and it seemed to fit very well with the Blogging Bible Study– John 11.  I really would like to share this link love with Heidi, although she thinks I inspire her…she is the inspiring one.  Spend some time and get to know one of the most precious people God has put on this road with me…Priceless!

If you have trouble hearing the words, please click here, and you will find a video with just words for you.  I want to know the resurrection power of Jesus, in the final resurrection but also with in my heart right here…right now!  Peace



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Blogging Bible Study – John 11 (Jesus is Life/Resurrection Power)

For sake of review:

*** all eleven chapters declare Christ’s Divinity

**Jesus proclaims life to various people in various different social circles, and presents HIM self as the giver of life.

* Nicodemus-offered eternal life (3:16)

* Samaritan woman- the water of life (4:14)

* Officials son and the lame man – restoring life (4:50, 5:5-8)

* Hungry multitude – bread of life (6:35)

* Believers in Jerusalem – rivers of living water (7:38)

* Blind man – the light of life (8:12, 9:35-38)

* Sheep who followed HIM – abundant life (10:10-11)

Read John 11(God’s word is sharper than any two edged sword and is alive and active Hebrews4:12…sometimes we need to crack our own open to hear HIS voice)

Now in chapter 11- Jesus proclaims HE is the resurrection and the life! -offering life after death…not only offering it, but providing it.  This is always amazing to me. 


Is there anything you will ever need from Jesus that will require more than the power of ressurection?  this questions stops me in my tracks! We have doctors who can heal and correct many things, including some sight issues, but no one who can raise from the dead.  Not only does Jesus raise from the dead, HE raised HIMself.  HIS power is limitless.  Hard to fathom but true.

Martha, love Martha…she is so typical of how we respond. We see the wonders of God, we know the stories, and we even believe (to an extent), and where our crisis of belief comes in is where it matters the most.  Martha knew and believed Jesus could heal her brother, she already believed in the resurrection of saints at the end of earthly time.  But when Jesus said to “roll the stone away”…Martha’s first response was …”Lord, he’s going to stink” (ADV)  I have always laughed at this..because I most likely would have said the same thing…Wonder how God in all HIS Holiness just did not say…The GLORY OF THE LORD DOES NOT STINK!? 

Philippians 3:10-11  My goal is to know HIM and the power of HIS resurrection and the fellowship of HIS sufferings, being conformed to HIS death, assuming that I will somehow reach the resurrection from the dead.

 Again there is so much in this chapter that many books have been written on it.  And sadly, this is just a blog entry..there are many to follow this week in this chapter of study, I encourage you to check out all of them on my side bar under “Carl’s Bloggin Bible Study”  go here and get the line up of who and when.


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If you don’t know my Jesus, and you feel like you have no way out, I would like to encourage you to take a look at this video.  Its not new, its been around for a while, and everytime I see it, it reminds me of where I have been and where I am now.  The things that used to keep me in bondage.  And how Jesus is the only way out.  This is not an elite club of believers, This is not about status, or geography.  Its not about the color of your skin, its all about God who loved enough to die to for you to satisfy HIS own wrath against the sin.  Offering deliverance.  We only need repent and bow to HIM, make HIM the King of our life, and follow after HIM.  And it all starts out with knowing that HE is there reaching out for you, reach back and its on!  I love theology (or what I understand of it, as I am still learning), but I never want to forget what HE has done for me because HE loves me.  I can not and will not down play that Love of Jesus, it all started with HIS love.

If you do know HIM, please do not forget, that as we learn and grow, our theology and our reality must merge, and be one…or else its useless.


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FRIDAY!!!….(by darla’s blog)

I can not take one more deep discussion that requires me a dictionary…no problem with learning..just dang! my brain is over amped…and fridays are made for fun..and laughter..and I am out to get me some of that!!!  so tell me…what are all you brainy people doing tonight for fun?

here is something that just makes me laugh…no real reason..don’t understand why..don’t anaylze me, I am just the blog!  why does Darla think blog-jacks are funny? why does she find this video hysterical? ( i actually found it in her archives LOL along with the animaniacs, and others that are too embarrassing to admit that she finds funny)


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5 Ways blogging benefits…me

I have  been tagged by Gchyayles (you sweet thang!…LOVE HER), and I am doing this tag, because I think alot of us need to refocus on why we do it, and what the benefits of blogging are. So Gchy gchy girl..all for you!

1.  Blogging keeps me accountable to make sure I am spending time with God, and that what I write has come from my time with HIM. It disciplines me, and spurs me on to learn and keeps me real.

2.  Blogging has helped me to see the body of Christ is a better light, as we are all far away, we share things that would be more difficult in just meeting someone new for the first time.  Its easy to be honest here. And my new love for the Body is an answer to prayer for me.

3 Blogging has provided me with a faith family that I have longed for, it has connected me to people with hearts that are very similiar to my own, and for years I prayed to know just one more person, and HE has blessed me with many!

4. Blogging has introduced me to studying with others on line and helping me to see many different angles of study, and interpretations, and I am learning plenty..Praise God!

5.  Blogging has shown me that you all are not pretend people (Bwan brought that to my attention), and I have had a chance to meet many this summer, and can not wait to see what GOD will do through this blogging experience!

I am part of a blogging family, and God has greatly blessed us through this. 

I am tagging five more…

Heather, Jenny, Steph, Deborah(my African Dolla…I owe her this one too, from a while back…sorry I you),  Sherma (brainteaser)…have fun…and you can leave them here or let us know to come there..but thoughts we want them!! love you!  Don’t forget to visit GCH, and share a little love…I so want to adopt that girl, but she is lady, and doesn’t need another mom..but I could mother her to death! Muaah!!


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My Garden of Sanctification

The rock sticking out in the corner has been my seat in this cathedral for most of my life. This is where I learned the most.  Its still where I run to when I can’t think, and when I hurt, and when I am desperate to hear God’s voice.

I missed the fall colors when I took these pictures, and was so bummed that it was leftover colors when there, HE reminded me we were in a drought, and I was still seeing more color than most..was that enough for me?  Yes, the colors were awesome. The perfect world is yet to come.

Always stop here first, and pray.  Like coming home.  HE romanced me here long before I knew HIM. And through every disappointment, and fear, HE comforted me, and gave me a new perspective, HIS perspective.  This is my true church.

HE planted each tree, HE grew them, and colored them perfectly. And HE knew HE would use it to draw me to HIM.  That is the kind of GOD HE is!  All part of the plan. Do you know HE does the same for you?

This is the entrance to the seat overlooking HIS Grandeur, displaying HIS majesty.  Its very narrow, and little risky, it can easily be missed unless you know that it is there, but oh so worth it.  Sort of like the walk I have with HIM now. 

This is the wide path that will take you to the river if you stay on it, not a bad path, the views are okay, and there is not anything wrong with sitting along the river, I generally end up there, its steep to come back up, but missing the small path is really missing the whole picture. 

Do you have a place to go that the world can not invade? No distractions, No noise, silence…a place where God can speak and you most definitely will hear? I am praying that for you today.  I drive 40 minutes to get here, I worship with music the whole way, and then just HIM and me, my Bible, and usually tissues…since HE has opened my tear ducts( I didn’t cry my childhood, it was a sign of weakness), I can cry a river. 

HE calls us to the secret pray and to be blessed.  Matthew 6:5-15  and this is how you should pray… “our Father, who art in Heaven, Hallowed is thy name (meaning Holy is your name)…”

Tell me about your place…even if its just a closet..HE honors that too!  

A sticky note from God…  Blessed are you, (enter your name), who seeks my face…come, I want to spend time with you…


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