(this pic will not stay where I put this is in my it at the bay)

Today we took the kiddos shopping for some school things..Do you all have a Gabriel Brothers?? well I like to go there about three times a year..all name brand stuff for cheap…ya that is the way to go with kids..they get what they like..I get the price I like.

So for under $200.00, two pairs of nike air sneakers… two hoodies, three pair of jeans…underwear ( hey what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t buy that stuff??), t-shirts and some cardstock for my Lace…yup I still can breathe! 

So I am going to post some pics..a little of where we live..and one of Trina sporting her new hoodie with the “bunny” on it…it says… “If this is a reality show…change the channel!”  hahaha even I laughed at this one!  Love you all and hope you are having nice weather, and a good weekend!

(BTW_ all chat on Debs blog tonight at 8…yea I know she is not here, but we are! 😉  )

she is too cute and way happy with this hoodie!

what is eating my favorite rose bush?? this will not do..I am a princess for crying out loud!

I love when princess’ hangout in front of our home…makes my heart happy..and also easy on my eyes!

Boyyyyyyy and niece Katy, swimming in the hubs builds a nice fence , huh?

well thats me on a saturday…heading out to the yard for some hanging in the pool, a cookout with my folks…and just turning all my blessings back to praise!



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27 responses to “Saturday..mmmm…

  1. Happy Saturday Darla…

    Today we have

    1. Mom and Daughter got allergy shots, I got blood drawn.
    2. Me and Daughter Swim lessons
    3. Daughter and Mom open house at school
    5. Volunteer at Church
    6. Go To Target.
    (Son kept us busy chasing him in the free time we had… 🙂 😀 )

    So do you think Tam has put out a call to some hitmen on us yet… She seems fit to be tied. 😆

  2. How do I get in on the chat?

  3. Fun Saturday stuff!

    What a wonderful family! I LOVE pool time. When does school start there? We have another couple of weeks.

    My daughter and Phat have been painting her room today. One wall black and white checks, one bright grass green, the other white with green and black splatters…very cool!

    I wrote a post for week 4 of our Bible Study.

    I’m hoping you mean we will just be commenting at Deb’s site…using it like a chat?! 8 your time? I’ll check it out!

  4. ck- I am late but on my way to debs…using it like a chat hahahahahha

  5. tam

    i love your home!!! so beautiful…i want to be there!!! even tho youre a bit ornery 😉 😉

    ahhhh – i love you! and you know it!

    i even love carl. dang it.

  6. Saturday was quite laid back for us! We did take a great niece out to ride on Amos. Mama and I rode bike together in the evening. I did ride almost 10 miles yesterday. A quiet day – mostly just the two of us.

  7. Tanya

    We do not have a Gabriel Brothers here in Iowa. I always take the kids to Walmart or the thrift stores. I am blessed that the kids do not know what name brand is. ha ha. I love your pool, we could of used that a couple of weeks ago when it was 100. About the rose buse, I am not sure what to suggest for the eaten holes. I just found out about the coffee and coffee grounds. I love laid back Saturdays with the family. Awesome.

  8. Tanya- do I just put the coffee grounds around the base of the plant? just thinking..hahaha

    Tam- my home your home.. mi casa su casa..yo te amo!

  9. Michelle – sorry I missed you last night..but i did read your post..mmmmmmm goood!!!

  10. Nice pics! Hey, we are looking to get an above ground pool. How long have you had yours and is it easy to maintain?

  11. we had it just this summer..and alot easier to maintain then I thought..easy little test strips, and add chlorine til it read good..I guess we test it every couple days, depends on how many times we use it or if there is a lot in it…but basically not bad at all…welcome back!

  12. Cool! Do y’all have a deck. I would want a deck put around ours.

  13. we do have a deck off to the one side of the pool..hubs built that too…we do love it, and we use it alot…

  14. SWEET!! I love sitting out by water, drinking ice tea, and reading a good book!

  15. that is a good day to me! plus it really is entertaining for the kids too..and they are home, and I don’t have to go to the public pool that became a real drag last year..

  16. How deep is the pool? You got any more pool pictures you can post? 😀

  17. ours is 3 1/2 feet deep…and 13 feet wide…there is one like it that is 4 feet..but it really wasn’t that much bigger for the price

  18. That seems good. I don’t like really deep pools! I’m 4’11! 😆

  19. I am 5’2”..and this is deep enough to have fun in..and wide..and under 200 dollars…yes that is what I am talking about…that is cheaper than a pool membership..and I think we have more and better family time.

  20. Selena!!! I’m 4’11” also!

    Not quite as thin as you 😦
    …or young 😥
    …or sweet 👿

    …but I am 4′ 11″ 😀

  21. Wow that pool was under 200!!!

    Michelle, I’m gaing weight, hehe. Is your husband tall?

  22. my hubs is taller than me 5″9 but not real tall..but it doesn’t take much to be taller than kids are all as tall as me or taller.. *sigh**

  23. I think the pool was 189 at Walmart..its the triple lined softside with metal rails and it was easy to assemble..that is all the things we look for! 😆

  24. Michelle- you are funny!

  25. Wow Darla…..Love your home, your family, you…sigh.

    Good to be back..and thanks for the love on my blog while I was gone…..

    Michelle, you’re a funny girl….. 😆 4’11″….wow I thought my Darla was short…I’m a bit of a long drink of water myself…LOL

    Darla dear…give everyone some love from Auntie…and headed to the boooyyyyyys blog now!

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