Formula for difficult times…

Trust in the Lord

with all your heart,

and lean not on your

own understanding;

In all your ways

acknowledge HIM,

and HE will

direct your paths.

-God, Proverbs 3:5,6

Doesn’t it sound easy enough? Wonder why its so hard? Are you one of those people who have mastered this?  do tell…



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12 responses to “Formula for difficult times…

  1. No one will master this until we get to heaven. Just keep moving onward and upward and do not get discouraged when we slip a bit.

    Help for others is the key.

  2. It’s not just a formula for difficult times, it’s a formula for all times.

  3. 🙂 Brian- I hear you , and it also works with Phil 4:8

    Not discouraged at all, just questioning.. and I agree with no one will master til heaven..but i do have some readers..who ..well sound like the masters 😉

  4. Jerald- hahahaha that is key, my brother, that is key!

  5. I haven’t mastered it. I have in and out moments.

  6. Oh Darla…you have no idea! Yeh I’m not too sure what it is we dont get about that scripture..its so ‘simple’..or seemingly…

  7. The hard part starts with ‘Trust in the Lord…. ‘ lol

    Who can say they always trust? Far less ‘with all thy heart’… and who can resist ‘leaning to [their] own understanding’?

    ‘In ALL thy ways acknowledge him’? ALL? You SURE? ALL??????

    Help me, Jesus!

  8. “with all your heart”

    I guess that’s why we need to guard our hearts. If we’ve given our heart over to other things, we probably won’t be able to trust completely. I know I’ve wanted other things to fill me at times and then I lose all perspective. When I’m singleminded I do best following the path He directs. When I’m double-minded then I am unstable, stumbling along.

    You know, it always seems to boil down to a heart issue. 😕

  9. Well, that prescription is 3 part –

    1)Trust in the Lord with all your heart
    2) Lean not on your own understanding
    3) In all your ways acknowledge Him

    … and He will make your path straight.

    I think that each one of these three are major stuggling points for human nature. We are not naturally inclined to trust in what we can’t see, nor are we inclined to put our own perspective on the shelf, and it certainly takes a discipline to put praise and thanks on your lips at all times. This passage challenges our heart, our mind, and our tongue – the three parts of us that require the most attention.

    And if anyone considers themselves to be perfect in this, it would be good to read Paul, who was used by the Holy Spirit on multiple occasions to deliver Holy Spirit breathed instructions to the church, when he said, “I do not consider myself to have arrived, but this one thing I do, I press on toward the mark of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

    I press on. I have not arrived.

    And PS: I love your heart.

  10. tam

    annie spoke my thought too…”i have not arrived”

    i say it all the time. not as an excuse – but in all honesty. dang no, i have not mastered this. there are moments (i wont say days) that it seems to come easy, but usually…its in the easy times.

    i am definitely a big work in progress. and He is soooo patient and gracious to to not wipe me from existence.

  11. For the record..Tam is not spam! WP is working on my last nerve randomly throughing people is spam..or I am doing something wrong.. 😳

  12. Hi Darla! I came over for my dose of Princess. 🙂

    What a wonderful promise we can rest in that God will direct our paths. I love that!

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