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Blogged Bible Study – John 21

Its always a little sad when another study ends, and this week I end two.  My womens study ended, and now this one will end.  A lot of learning, alot of applying, and alot input from many different people.

Often I have wondered through different ideas of why Peter said “I’m going fishing” and then returned to his old life as a fisherman.  Through out the commentaries, not many agree with each other which leaves me to the conclusion that no one knows the mind of Peter, except for the Lord.

Take a few minutes and read through John 21.

In John 21:1-8 , Jesus is on the beach looking on to Peter and a few other disciples (similiar to when He approached them the first time), and HE enquires if  they have caught anything..HE already knew. (So HE wasn’t asking for himself to know) He instructed them to put the net down on the other side, after their obedience..the net was full.  Obedience. 

I have always found this interesting that the fish were already cooking on the shore..Jesus already had some, and was serving them yet again. Amazing!

John 21:15-19 ,Then I look at the converstation with Jesus and Peter…three types of Love is asked about..and although many stop here and explain as well as they can…I think again only Peter really knew what the heart point that Jesus was driving..it was all apart of Peters restoration.

John 21:19-25 , This is the part of the chapter that always stings my heart.  Jesus tells Peter what is laying ahead for him as he  follows HIM, and Peter looks at a fellow believer/follower, and says “What about him?”  Isn’t that just like us to concern ourselves with what the Lord is going to do with and through another?  Jesus reply was direct, to the point, and may have even sounded harsh..”What is that to you?”  I have had my share of times when I wondered the same…and had those same words come back to me..”what is that to you?”. 

This chapter sums up some things for me in my daily walk.

1. Obedience, abundance of joy, abundance of whatever I am needing for each moment, requires my obedience to what Jesus has already said…self application.

2.  My total restoration is part of the following and loving the Lord as I should, and spreading the gospel of knowing HIM.

3. Don’t make it my concern what others may be doing or not doing, all that matters is that I am going what GOD has told me, and my eyes are on HIM and not any other brothers/sisters, as they have thier own walk with the Lord, and me..I have enough to do what I am supposed to.

4.  My posts will never be conclusive as there is just to much to take in and to write..”the world would not be big enough to hold all the many things that Jesus did while here on earth”..Amazing!

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