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This is what I have been doing….

Along with wrapping presents, visiting a live nativity, I was making cookies for nine and a half hours on Saturday! Crazy huh??  I friend from work came and helped, and she was an awesome help..mixing and baking..so here is a sample of what we did…(over 1000 cookies!)


the plain ones ended up with icing on them, and YES we are taking a break and eating chicken..yummy  we were burned out on sugar!

In the next room, this was enjoying the dogs life…


This is Haley Sue, one of our pets. As a snow dog..she wants in when its cold, she is not the lead dog, and although Hubs would give her to you, she is pretty, and a good family dog…sooo I guess we will keep her. The shoes in the pic are the boys…and wondering why they are there?


“Don’t look at me, I have no idea how my shoes got there”.


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Worship with me…

Hillsong-All I am

Hillsong -Tell the world

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