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Christmas Randomness

I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong. ( i suddenly hear Chrissy Hine singing ..”don’t get me wrong”-wierd) The commericialism is pretty bad, and I can deal with that too. (just stay home) But the one thing that has been totally making me nuts about the holiday is…Radio stations playing non stop Christmas music, and I am not sure why they only each have about 10, so it is so repetitious I want to scream! So I need more cds in my car. My nieghbors house looks like the Griswalds mixed up with Wally World, and I am sure there are gnomes running around over there at night who are threatening to me. I know that is not nice, but I just wanted to share, and sharing is nice! 🙄
I little girl on my bus today said, don’t ever hide anything in your underwear drawer, you know everyone looks there first! Argh! You know I need to move some things..so much for a private safe spot! and yes a 5 year old informed me. She also wears a “warna brutha” tshirt on occasion. My latest thought pattern is stuck on warm weather and how many bloggers can I hook up with this summer not counting Oregon, because that just goes without saying! ya know? My son found my stash of Oreo’s and cleaned me out! no kidding…two left in the bag…maybe it was me, naaaa I think it was him. My man is wanting to drive trucks all over the US, and me I just want a plane ticket that is reusable anywhere anytime kind of thing. Okay I am done for now..I dont remember if I brought the dog in or left her out side..hey she is snow dog..cold weather should be her friend!..
Anything working on you today? please share…



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