Daily Archives: December 14, 2008

Meet Carrie George…


Carrie George is the author of “The Waiting Room”, and has a blog that has just encouraged my heart so many times.  I want to share her with you. She is an incredible writer, and I have been so blessed to begin to know her.  She is having a problem with getting her comments open, so if you have an idea how to help her, leave her a comment in her “contact” field, Or just the beautiful words of encouragement that you all do so well.

The reason I would like you to go and read and get to know her, first of all she is your sister in Christ. Second, she has written something extremely beautiful for this blog that will appear on Tuesday.  As I read her writing for here, I became overwhelmed with how God had provided and inspired something so perfect for us. 

Go on now..meet Carrie!


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