I love..because HE first loved me!

love-poster-art-11.jpg This is my heart! Tam (on blogroll) left this site on my comments, and I so loved it that I had to post it!  This is what its all about,”Because HE first loved me”, and I was alot of those people on the list.  The beauty of Jesus is that HE took and wore all our sins, and nailed them to the cross with this message- “PAID IN FULL”.  All I can say about that is “thank you Jesus”.  What kind of love does that? A perfect love and a perfect savior, I know I need one of each every day.

 this is the site where you can down load and use this poster is you would like.  Thanks Tam!  what a find!    http://blog.ministrygrowers.com/2008/01/24/true-love/



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9 responses to “I love..because HE first loved me!

  1. Girl,
    That is powerful! THanks for sharing.
    Love ya princess!

  2. Hey I have a surprise for you at my blog!

  3. tam

    Brent showed that to me last night and we were both so moved by this mans reaction to Westboro that it compelled him to do this. I think it is very admirable, moving, humbling and so beautiful!

    It made me feel the same as it did you Darla! God will always get the Glory even if the intent is for bad!

  4. Just came from a puppet ministry that my kiddos are involved in-nothing has changed because of a few people who hate..God doesn’t change and neither will his reputation..Immutable! Glory!!!

  5. tam

    AMEN!!! He will prevail!

  6. Picture God doing a little dance..and singing…you can’t stop this!!!!

  7. tam

    It’s hammah time!

  8. robocuunt


  9. robo- I am sorry you feel the way you do, and I am sure that your feelings are the way they are because of misrepresentation of the Gospel, and because some who profess Christianity also don’t get it! I did have to edit your comment, sorry, but I have children who also read. Hope you come back and read some more..I am not judging you.

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