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Life could be so much more

Switch foot- We were meant to live…

 Every year as one ends and one begins, I am faced with some of the same questions…world view-Why can’t we all just get along??, where does it say in the Bible that being sanctified actually  means nerdy??, why is evangelism offensive and does it need to be that way??

I am just an ordinary girl, and loving Jesus to me is extraordinary.  But being approachable is huge to me.  I would not have ever reached for Jesus if it had not been for a few very approachable people.  I was stumbling along the last few days in cyber space at my usual haunts.  Friendly Christian (on my side bar) has opened some doors for me to meet cyber space approachable people who allow me to ask questions, and make friendships with out drawing lines that keep all Christians on one side and all others on the other side.  But while I was visiting there I came across a very intriguing site http://offthemap.com/. Not totally sure what is up there, but they are on to something.  “Evangelism without the additives”…maybe I just like the sound of it. Screaming in my face telling me I am going to hell never worked for me…but greater than that-my picture of Jesus isn’t like that either. He served the community, he was just an ordinary guy (no mention of a tie choking him), also very God.  He loved on those that came across his path. Another site I have been checking out that is totally off the hook (that means good) is http://floatingaxhead.com/ this guy has really good points and seems to have the same type of thinking..I totally enjoy him.

I am thinking in the new year, if we could reach out to people by being people, not forgetting that we are saved by Grace, not of ourselves lest anyone should boast!   Let’s try to just show Jesus to the world, and not so much what we think we have accomplished intellectually…honestly we haven’t accomplished anything that HE has not given anyway.  I truly love the body of Christ, and I am praying this year we will become a true picture of who HE is, and how very beautifully HE reaches out to those most choose to ignore.  Jesus loves the Losers and outcasts, and when they come to HIM-HE gives them a crown.

This is the year of remembering we were meant to live for so much more, have we lost ourselves…some where we live inside…



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