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Do you think BUB is serious about the Packers???

go-packers.jpgAll geared up and ready to yell! I am hoping for the Packers tonight mostly because I want Bub to be happy! No that is not his real name, just a name I call him sometimes..but hey this is the internet, and my kids are not bloggers (yet!)


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Changed my About

If you get a chance and want to know why I have named this blog Overcomer, or the other one Princess, Overcomer?, it is all explained in “About”.  I love my friends in Blogsville, and will try to post later today.  Thanks for  your prayers, and know I lift you to the Lord regularly as well!  We are diverisfied, and together we are a city on hill right here in cyberspace! Rock on! and be encouraged today, and take advantage of the Sabbath and the rest that is yours from your Father-the creator of heaven and earth, and all that is in it, who loves you so much HE spilled HIS own blood just to be with you!

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