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Another piece to the puzzle

puzzlepiece.jpg Another piece to the puzzle that I have been working on for what feels like forever but acutally is only about 8 years.  The puzzle is Holy and Pure.  I have prayed like crazy for this and although I get some smiles when I mention it, no one seems to want to touch it or they think I am way out of my league.  I laugh in the face of out of my league!  🙂  God has a sense of humor and HE said I can do all things through HIM.  I believe that most of the time.

Due to being human and having this stupid sin nature ( I hate it), I tend to get weary as I think I should be achieving this Holiness and purity much quicker than I am.  The real problem is that my eyes tend to look at others and well actually they just seem to have it so much more together than me.  A typical week for me is walk-run-fall down-brush off-get up- walk- run- falldown… I think you get the picture.  The last few mornings and through out my day I have been questioning the Lord as to why?  I walk through the whole thing that I do love HIM , and I am working at it with all my heart and soul, but my mind, and strength sometimes just give out on me.  I begin to get discouraged…

Today as I was studying Wisdom, I came across something that I have stumbled on before that intrigues me, and I began to search … oddly enough I came across something I wasn’t looking for but truly was an answer to my questions I was asking the Lord…”I am asking to be pure and holy, but I am getting stumbling, I am learning and have come so far from where I met Christ, and still it seems to be a never-ending process of strongholds, and breaking free.”  Then this verse…Daniel 11:35  Some of the wise will stumble, so that they may be refined, purified and made spotless … I am not saying that I am wise but I am seeking wisdom, and I certainly do stumble…maybe HE is making me pure and holy-spotless for HIM. HE is answering my prayer, LOL  I get very excited about little pieces like this to add to the puzzle.

1/31/08-UPDATE- While feeling bad today, I went to visit Boomama at http://boomama.blogspot.com and clicked on Boo Cast…her and Bigmama have a podcast that is hysterical! If you have ever been a mama, know a mama, or just plain had a mama..these girls will so brighten any ones day!


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