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What I know to be true!

It is incredibly easy to lose focus on the One thing that means the world to me.  This is true, and although I work at it, I am easily led into things that are not from God or for me from God.  Not necessarily bad things, just not mine.  God’s word is alive and active in me and around me, and if I am sensing any kind of darkness or condemnation then there is an urgency in my spirit to make sure that I am walking in the Light.  So very childlike to wander off while feeling security.  It is also the way most get lost from their parents.  I am no different.  I need a constant check and balance, and open communication with my Father to make sure I haven’t taken a wrong turn.  So, where is the freedom in this??  In the analogy that there is no freedom in being away from HIM. Let me explain-captivity comes in all shapes and sizes, and there is always one waiting to put those chains back on me the minute I step away from my Father.  There is only false security in captivity, freindly at first and then very demanding.  As I strive to be an Overcomer, I have realized that although I have been delivered from many captors, there are many more that my ignorance could fall into.  There is only one way for me to be sure that I am being the Overcomer that I am called to be.  That is Obedience to the Word, and that requires being in it! And believing God that HIS love for me is not to harm me.  You know if I applied more of the Word, I would experience less emotional stress, because HIS way is right. 

We need to remain focused!! and continue to press on, its going to be worth it, don’t be duped!  God’s Word says, “lean not on your own understanding”, you know we try to understand everything, and we then we respond in our own understanding, usually making a mess of the situation.  I am putting my foot down! No More!! I don’t need to understand, I need to be filled with more of Jesus and the spirit of submission to follow after my Father, and know in my very being that HE does know the way.  HE has never steered me wrong! HE is trustworthy! HE always puts a big smile on my face and a song in my heart!  Feeling alittle closed in and walking through a little darkness, bring it to the Light, and run back to the Father…HE is always waiting and ready to clean us up, and give some love, and put us back on the path that is right for us.  Oh how I love HIM!  Focus Focus Focus on the things that are not of this world, this life is too short to throw away eternity.



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