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Encouragement Award (can you believe this, I am the ranting queen)

Daily dose of Encouragement

I was awarded this today by Jenny Hope, and Steph(ocean mommy), for being encouraging to them.  First I want  you to know that I was not the in the orginal five I was an after thought! LOL Actually my plan is to be last as the last will be first someday! 😯

Just kidding, they both rock, and encourage me.  If Jesus had a blog I would give this award to HIM!  I always need a daily dose of HIM, and love how HE encourages me even when I am a total block head!  I am supposed to give this award to five or more people, so I am going to try to pick some that have not been picked yet, and if I miss anyone…consider yourself picked!!

God’s gal, One Direction, Heidi, cbgrace, Laurie Lloyd, Rochelle, Elaine(redheaded rev),Faith, Tam…I seriously can’t count to five today…oh well…its my blog and I can count to five like this-1,2 skip a few, 5. 🙂

Continue to encourage one another, even more as the day approaches-the return of our King!



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