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What is life without hope?  Hopeless!  So many people with no hope, no hope that tomorrow will be better than today, no hope that they will overcome addictions, no hope that their children will get an education or will be treated fairly.  How about no hope in the nightmare that reoccurs everytime they close their eyes will ever end.  A world full of hopelessness, hate, despair.  TV comericals/websites that somehow make me feel dumber, and remind me of time that is lost that I will never get back. 

I will not let anyone take away my hope!  I love the life I have, and even more the life I am going to get.  As I talked to the Lord to day, I was angry, and frustrated, and hurt. I talked to HIM about how I pour  my life out because I believe in HIM, and its hard sometimes, and then someone comes along and trashes it out of pure hate, and I seem to be back to ground zero.  Here is some of the things HE spoke to my heart…

Jesus is coming back, his hope is a sure thing.  Nothing is going unnoticed by HIM, and HE is in control.  I do believe we need to get ready for HIS return.  Don’t posion our minds with hate. Think on things that are eternal, and worthy.   If we allow this hatred to take over our minds then we are responsible for undermining the work we have already done.  Think out of the box! 

I just love HIM, as I finished up Daniel today with my study group, HE reminded me again, I am coming, these things are the signs. Know and believe ME, then speak truth, and love love love love love!  Feels much better than hate- HOPE!


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