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Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, KS is WRONG!

I am fed up and sick of sitting by while groups like this totally trash the faith I have.  It’s hard work to walk this thing out, and harder to make good choices.  I am not perfect and I have no stones to throw at anyone.  It’s by the grace of God that I live and breathe.  Who is this group and what gives them the right to interpret the Word in such a negative manner, and why do we not speak up? I don’t get it.  We disagree with this Phelps message yet we sit silent as the ones around us get the message that God hates them.  That is the biggest lie, and the one that will turn anyone off, even me! If you google search the name of this church you will get something you never dreamed would be on a church page…and if you google “God” you will be surprised as to what you find.  Westboro baptist church of Topeka KS can be found at..now make sure you are sitting for this…I am not sure you are ready…but here goes..  www.godhatesfags.com I told you that you were not ready for this!  Go to  www.friendlychristian.com and read the news article and how the media covered their Hate/Christianese example.  If nothing else will get us off the couch and doing something in the name of Jesus to reach our friends and neighbors, even our family members…then this should get us moving in the right direction.  People need to see a different Christian/Christ follower.  This is one community and it is speaking for all believers.  For crying out loud!! I am not part of that thinking and I am not one of them!

A friend of mine once commented here and said..if you want someone to see your faith, imagine a camera following you around 24/7, and televising it to all your worst critics.  That ought to motivate everyone. 

My apologies go out to all that have been hurt by this jerk and his church.  God does not hate you, HE loves you so much, and although that is hard to believe that is truth!   People of all walks of life are lumped into categories, do you (Christians) really want what this church is saying to reflect on you or your children?  Is this the God you serve or is HE different..do we even know?

**Update** here are some more Christian/Christfollowers who are feeling this today too.      http://praise365.wordpress.com (my HUBS)  http://1godsgal.wordpress.com  share the love y’all! visit them and show a little love! thanks



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