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I love..because HE first loved me!

love-poster-art-11.jpg This is my heart! Tam (on blogroll) left this site on my comments, and I so loved it that I had to post it!  This is what its all about,”Because HE first loved me”, and I was alot of those people on the list.  The beauty of Jesus is that HE took and wore all our sins, and nailed them to the cross with this message- “PAID IN FULL”.  All I can say about that is “thank you Jesus”.  What kind of love does that? A perfect love and a perfect savior, I know I need one of each every day.

 this is the site where you can down load and use this poster is you would like.  Thanks Tam!  what a find!    http://blog.ministrygrowers.com/2008/01/24/true-love/



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