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Pouring out to HIM

Lately I have been doing a lot of studying to prepare for my Bible Study group, and for a women’s retreat.  Of course, it takes me forever to submit to God and just let HIM have his way in me.  I don’t know why I do that, I really know what is best.  I know that what HE leads me to HE will carry me through.  While studying on the tongue, and submission, I have been searching for applications that would just bring it home to the women. Well, God being the funny guy that HE is sometimes, has laid mulitiple things on my lap in which I can learn first to control the tongue, and to submit to HIS will.  I am sure I will see HIS humor in it all once I come out of it.  Looking to the future! Yes, and focused on Heaven, and what is in store for me when I get there.

In everything that has been given me for Womens Ministry and every study, it has been a huge learning experience for me. Today I have had people decide what is best for the Brides mother and for arrangements, it has been incinuated that I am a loser with no taste….OH NO NO NO that is all straight from the pit, and I am not going there, but I have said more in the last few days “Hold my tongue, and then hold the rest of me where I belong, I want to kill something”…

It is vital that our walk matches our talk.  This application has taught me to just cry out to HIM and just lay it out just like this..” I hate this!”  “What in the  world are you thinking to let this happen?”  “I hurt, and I really want to be crazy on this person for just a minute!” The rant and the tears..and then in the softest sweetest touch, HE said, “I know I lived through this times a bzillion, but you made it through today, and you chose me, it never goes unnoticed, you are becoming a picture of my son, and you are mine, don’t forget that I am always in control”. Then it just seemed that my emotions calmed down, and HE just pulls me closer to HIM, and honestly this is the place I love the most. 

Whatever it is that is on your heart, HE wants to hear you say it, not a perfect prayer that has been rehearsed, a true heart felt prayer.  No sense in hiding the real deal, HE knows anyway, and HE truly does love you more than life!  Everything to bring us closer to HIM and for HIS glory to shine, in and through us…if anything is lovely, if anything is pure, if anything is excellent, think about such things. 

BTW- This is my 100th post!!! woooohoooooo!!!! 



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