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Mercy-not taken for granted (part 2)

Since I wrote “Mercy” I have been so very intent on that same song, and while talking with the Lord…I needed to look a little further into what HE was speaking to my heart.  The song writer “when the one you love is in love with someone else”…has extreme parallels to the words of my God throughout the Old Testament.  Yet the song writer mentions “I am going to wake up missing you”, and it hit me -God doesn’t sleep…HE keeps HIS eyes on us, even while we love something else more than HIM. How painful that must be, to even watch me as I sleep knowing that I am going to wake up and not meet with HIM out of my own love for Him.  I know I am not the only one who is guilty of this…it seems to go back to the garden…and the reason Jesus had to come to build the bridge to the Father for me, for you, for us.

Princess we wander off, and most times it is not intentional, just very subtly something draws us away, something glimers, something pulls on our heartstrings…or our disobedience is slight but still disobedient. The last few years God has put something on my heart, and in my human mind I struggle with “why”, why me, what if I fail, what if I fail YOU.  All my own disbelief that HE doesn’t fail me, and HE will not call me to it unless HE has already planned to see me through it.  I can do all things through HIM who strengthens me.  So can you.  We need not take HIS mercy for granted, yes HE grants us mercy/compassion, but to the heart that is pure and repentant.  Sometimes we miss that part.  So although I have been taking three steps forward I continue to take one step back…there is no such thing as partial obedience…subtly my mind has condoned it as I am still making progress just not as quickly.  My love for my Father in Heaven has pulled my heart full circle, and made me see that this new year will and must be different.  Will I stumble and fall-yes, but I will be aware and trust more even when it is a choice I don’t understand.  And most of all I never want to take HIS mercy for granted.  HE means everything to me!

I will have a “Mercy (part 3) before I end this thought….when arriving at church today my Pastor spoke on yet another phase of Mercy, and I want to add that before I end it. 

***Update!!! HUBS has moved out of the blog..seems I am quite the blog-hog…so please go and say hi to hubs here  make him feel welcomed here in blogsville***



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Mercy-Received (part1)

Today I had a song stuck in my head..don’t you hate when the world just pushes its way into your thinking when you are working so hard to keep it out!  This is what was in my mind…

I don’t want you to come round here no more

beggin for mercy!

You don’t know how stong my weakness is

or how much you hurt me.

I am so glad that Jesus gave me a new song…that old song was so depressing and so very much condemning.  I love that there is no condemnation in Christ, and mercy that is new everymorning.  I do always need HIS mercy, and a do-over from time to time…just saying the word gives me so much confidence to try harder, and trust more.  When weighing out the words in the old song, against CeCe Winans “Mercy said No”…hands down I want Jesus! 

Thank you Jesus for putting a new song in my mouth, and dance in my heart.  Thank you for extending your mercy freely, and not a chance you will ever say the words of the old song.  We must break your heart when we walk away and become so distracted.  How do we do that? You are so much more beautiful than all the things we run to.  Forgive us for our waywardness, and strengthen us in your Word.  Thank you for being so Merciful to ones like me who don’t deserve a thing from you.  I love that you looked the enemy in the face and made him cower as you told him, “no, this one is mine”.  How I praise you, thank you and adore you!

New song–Cece Winans-Mercy said No  (it gets a little long, but i won’t know if you turn it off or don’t listen at all)

I wanted the youtube at the bottom of the post–LOL more mercy needed here folks!


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One Book Meme

While strolling through cyberspace, I checked out “Mudpuppy”( ). He gave me permission to do his meme and tag you all, lol, yes folks, it is the after Christmas must-make-my-brain-work.

01.  One book that changed your life   Breaking free, by Beth Moore – honestly when I read this book, I didn’t even know what a stronghold was much less that I had some!

02.  One book that you have read more than once  To be totally truthful, I don’t read much the second time, I highlight things that jump out at me, and skim the next few times…my Bible would be the only book that I have read more than once

03.  One book you would want on a deserted Island  Desiring God, by John Piper – it takes me forever to digest everything he is saying in this book, but on a desert island, I would need the reminder that God is happy with himself, and also delights in me.

04.  One book that made you laugh  God still uses crackedpots, by Patsy Clairmont  just about anything she writes makes me laugh til my eyes spring a leak. She is even funnier in person!

05.  One book that made you cry  Woman, thou are loosed, by TDJakes (and he does have a mans version of this book)  book shows us how we have been conditioned by life and how we are free from those experiences, and how they control us if we don’t shine the light of Jesus on them.

06.  One book that you wish had been written  I know this one is “in process”, but the story of Tammy’s life and how she shares it with her daughter..I know from reading pieces it is going to be a best seller!

07.  One book that you wish had never been written  I am taking this one from Mudpuppy b/c I couldn’t agree more=If I did it. By OJ Simpson (can anyone say CMON!!, GEEZZZ)

08.  One book you are currently reading  What Jesus demands from the world, by John Piper – Jesus has all authority, and it is going to be one of those life changing books, just can’t read this author too fast, but always full of scripture, and insight.

09.  One book you have been meaning to read When Iron sharpens Iron, and I can’t remember the author or authors-theology book…any of you seminary students know this one..I will update as soon as I find the author. 🙂

10.  Now I am suppose to tag 5 people  (if your name is not on the list, you are not off the hook…leave me something and let me know you are doing it…always looking for something new to read) God’s Gal, In process, Inworship, The Point, Notes from the soul, Hover frog (the magnificient), Jenny-Hope….I can never stop at 5 so if you are here you are tagged! LOL


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Christmas programing, favorites…

Okay here is the deal…I want to hear from all of you on your favorite Christmas programming or movies…What is some of the things you do every single year at Christmas…???

I will start…I love Christmas shows, and I do mean the very young kind…Charlie Brown’s Christmas..little drummer boy…but my all time favorite Christmas movie is “the Christmas Story”…it just makes me laugh til I cry.  The pj’s with the feet and bunny ears is too much for me to handle.  I look forward to the simple things and laughing, and family time.  Hot chocolate and popcorn..and when your finished eating popcorn, you can throw at each other, and that is fun too!

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and leave me a comment on your favorites…I may just try them! 


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Let there be Light

There are so many places in the Bible that state “Jesus is the light of the world”,  the truth of God being referenced as light to our feet, and my favorite..God looked into the darkness and said “let there be light, and it was, and HE said it was good”. Oh how very awesome that is to me.  I lived in the dark for all of my childhood, with just glimers of the light, and feeling hopeless that the light was not something for me.  Now as I stand here redeemed, forgiven, loved and blessed, adopted by my Father the King of Kings, I look around me and see a broken world, and people trying everything under the sun to try to fix what is cursed, and hopelessness in there eyes- that truly resembles darkness. 

At times I wonder why? why does it have to go this way, and I know HIS ways are not mine.  I just ponder why? what is it we are supposed to be doing in and for this world around us, as Holy children, followers of Christ, and the Bride.  Lately, while reaching out to whoever will listen, the Lord has put on my heart to “look into the darkness and speak-let there be light”.  The enemy can not stop the voice of God and he will cower at HIS voice.  So I am believing that when we speak HIS word to our world, the darkness has to lift because the enemy is the ruler of the dark kingdom, and our KING lives in us.  I know that only God can decide who and when and where, but we are assigned to this world to make a difference or to influence it…and it has been assigned to us to influence us.  ( I heard this in the Daniel study, and it so touched my heart)  I want to influence my world!  Every tear stained little face I see, every woman who crosses my path with bitterness on her, every man who hangs his head when passing me…our God is great, and nothing is too hard for him.  HE did not give us a spirit of fear..but of power that comes from the love HE has given to us.  As the body, we should not be cowering and intimidated by the darkness around us, we should be looking into it and saying “Let there be light”, the true light of Jesus in a world that is so desperate to know HIM.  I honestly have not met one broken person who was not interested in what I have to say when offering hope.  Our world is hopeless…and Jesus is the only hope there is.  I believe it with all my heart, and I extend it to others, my prayer is to extend it more often, and to be a true picture of Jesus, everywhere I go.

I do love the prayer of Jabez, but maybe we should be praying to bring the light into our own neighborhoods first, and then God can open our borders.  Just a thought.

Jesus, let there be light.  Let there be light this holiday season in every little girl who is hiding from someone who is supposed to be loving her, every women who wonders when the life will soon end, and every man who has forgotten his place in this world to look over his wife, and children…our world is celebrating something that they don’t even know about, and my Christmas prayer for them is your Light, Please Lord let there be light, and let it come from your children.

(this post was inspired by a conversation with Tam, go check out her post…you are going to love her! I know I do!)


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Stop the Madness!!

Shopping! Work! Children! Pets! yes we have five pets in our house.  Let me introduce you to my critters…First of all there is Haley Sue 8 years old, she is a Siberian huskey, very beautiful, very dumb and definitely not the lead dog, but she is very happy in her little world of staring at her food dish.  Then there is Sheba almost 2 years old, red doberman, very precious and very sweet tempered, she just loves life in general, not much upsets her unless you are male where a hat and come into this house when Hubs is not home. Next we have Lucky, black and white cat my daughter Katrina rescued in NC at 3 weeks old.  She is 7 now, but it seems that we will have to put her to sleep after Christmas, I think she has cancer. She also thinks she is a dog and is more loyal than the dogs, always meets me at the door.  Then there is Bunny/Thumper, he is about 9 months old, he is an angora and very beautiful, and bigger than the cat!  Last but not least, my little man has Fang 2 years old, hamster, female, bit me the first five minutes in the house, so you can guess how she got her name.  We did have a nice fish tank, for a few years, but last year I decided I wanted a nemo and dori for my tank, and after I put them in, they all died! Lucky does miss fishing  🙂 .

Along with the critters, a daughter that is planning a wedding, and an almost 16 year old who wants to drive my car 😯 ,and a son who will be 12 in few weeks who just wants to go to blockbuster and rent a new game,  and wants a cell phone.  Did I mention Christmas shopping? nevermind I am not thinking about that tonight.

In the words of Rich Mullens…”YOU have been King of my glory, won’t you be my Prince of Peace”.  Jesus, there is none like you, and I am blessed beyond measure.  I long to just wrap up with you.  Carry me through this holiday season, please help me to keep my eyes on you, One think I know for sure, I can’t do this world without You, and I don’t want to.  Thank you for always being here and walking with me through my days, and giving me a smile, and love that is indescribeable.  I can’t explain you, and some how if I could do that, I would take something away from who you are to me.  Love you, Your princess who just wants to come up for air.


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