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Bus Saga-Hold up/wait a minute/put a little love in it!

Today one of my favorite riders on my high school run was happy! This is huge, she is so misunderstood by most. The front half of her hair is bright pink, and the rest is brown, although she is a natural blonde.  Very tough girl, but when she speaks you can hear her young tender heart crying out.  She left me know a while back that her mother has a PFA against her, for trying to kill her dad in the car with this young thing and her sister in the car.  She said ” I hate my mom”, and then proceeded to tell me why.  She told me she would love me to be her mom.  I told her I would take her in a minute!  Since then we have a good rep going. I coached her for her driving test, and she now has a license.  But today was finals, and she was so happy, she told me she got an A and she was happy with herself (not that anyone else would care).  “I care,, good job”.  She proceeded to put on her ipod, and started to sing ( mind you no one on this bus will mess with her) she was singing Family Force 5-put a little love in it.  I just smiled to myself, God is going to grab that girl, I just know it!

Ian told me today that he knows why I am nice, and why I am his favorite bus driver( his only bus driver)…its because he is special and I know it.  LOL I wish you could see his serious little man face.  God is good, and HE is answering prayers going up for these kids.  I am in awe of what HE does, and how HE stoops down to pick up the unloved, and the lost.  Just thought I would give you all an update! Thanks for the prayers, back to studying for me…but I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Love my faith family!!



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