Daily Archives: January 24, 2008

My new bow and arrows

imgp0472.jpg   My mama always warned about boys bearing gifts, especially weapons! LOL  My lil’buddy Jared (sheep whisperer) made me a bow and arrows.  You know just incase I want to shoot a squirrel or black bird or bad people who might want to get on my bus..you know just in case!  At 7 years old, the boy used duct tape…it goes deep and starts young.  I am just cracking up how he sharpened the arrows.  His words..”my dad  won’t let me use a pocket knife so I had to sharpen them like the indians on a stone, so they aren’t too sharp, but if your close enough it should work.”  He started this in September, and now is taking orders, for $4.00! I did let him know that I can not have weapons on the bus, but he told me if I keep it in my coat, no one will know.  LOL  Just thought I would share, not to make any  of you avid hunters jealous over my new hunting tools.

BTW-the bow is about 12 inches long and the arrows are about 6 inches long…I will grin about this one all day..priceless!


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