Worship with me…


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5 responses to “Worship with me…

  1. Love Robin Mark. It was great to see him this past summer…

  2. Good selections – so you think HE is coming back? Soon? I heard a preacher on the radio who said May 21, 2011 is when it is happening, so you have a couple of years yet. 😯

  3. Papa – 😆 won’t that preacher be surprised! 😯 yes, HE is coming..soon!

    Praise I am glad that you got to see Robin Mark, I know he has always been one of your favorites!

  4. I am ready for that Day!

    I believe He will be coming soon!!!

    At least, I’m hoping.

  5. Love these songs… never heard the third before but the lyrics are great 🙂

    My comments began going into the spam for my bff’s blog recently and I’ve been leaving comments on her blog forever so is definitely WP’s new design… Its making me really sad cuz I’m not spam LOL 🙂

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