God’s Word…to me

Do you love the Word? I mean really love the Word?  I do. But through much negativity that has been surrounding me, I started to fade out from the one thing that replenishes me.  For me, its a daily deep drink that is needed to climb the mountains, and press on.  Technology is great, and wonderful things are happening there.  I love my Quick Verse, love E-sword….what always seems to happen to me though is…soon they become a replacement for holding the Word in my hands, soon I stop saying “Lord what does that mean?” , and soon I am taking a mans view through commentary to stand for more than Gods.  Ahhhhhh it saddens me to even admit that.  If that cycle continues in my life, God no longer has first place in my heart, and I am no longer asking what HE thinks or what HE means, and soon, HE has no place in my quiet time.  And I love HIM with all my heart.  It happens, it shouldn’t. 

I have spent the last few days reading straight from my badly worn NIV, full of notes, and colored underlines, and fell in love with HIM all over again.  HE has been awesome to remind me that HIS word is personal to me, and HE loves the time I spend with HIM.  Thinking of how the creator of all things, the one who formed me, waits for me to spend time with HIM.  And me…wieghing out what man says about how I can not have this relationship that I have.  Really think about it…how can man define what you and HE have together? they can’t!

Please understand I am not a hater of theologians, there are a some that are very dear to my heart, and personal friends, and their words and thoughts are important to me.  I just need to not allow them to replace the time I spend with HIM one on one. 

Sitting at HIS feet, holding my Bible, falling asleep with it laying open on my chest, under my pillow..are my fondest memories.  When I would have reoccuring nightmares, open on my chest and slept like a baby..LOL for real…Under my pillow because it is my life line…thats where I was at one point with HIM, and that is where HE brought me back to.  Thank you Jesus you are faithful and true. 

Please spend some time with HIM today, please open your Bible and read from the scripture what HE is saying to you…HE loves us so…no matter what anyone will ever say to cause you to second guess HIM, HE will not change, and HE holds HIS arms open to you…”come home”…I’m home…

(about two years ago I fell in this same pit…and a respected theologian talked to me and said in a very compassionate tone..”Darla, you are not needing a quickverse right now..you are needing a slow one”.  I remember his words this time…wisest advice I have ever had)



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13 responses to “God’s Word…to me

  1. Hope you don’t mind that I am the first to comment on this one… 😉

    AMEN sister…. The best part of my Day is the first part of my day. The moment I open the bible to just read, and be in His word. Not commentary, Greek/Hebrew word studies…Just me and Him. It is a true discipline to just be in His Word, with out distraction.

    I am sure as you spend time with him God is pleased.

    Peace and love sister.

  2. I haven’t been around much but just wanted to let you know I love you and miss you. Praying for your peace and for your restoration in Him in spite of everything going on around you. My best friend/spiritual sister gave me a book today that the Lord put on her heart to give me. It’s Beth Moore’s “Get Out of That Pit.” I think it’ll prove to be beneficial during this season in my life; you may want to check it out too. Take care. I love you.

  3. Darla, I’m right there with you. What you said –

    Do you love the Word? I mean really love the Word? I do. But through much negativity that has been surrounding me, I started to fade out from the one thing that replenishes me.

    – yeah, I totally understand. It is so easy for the love to get squelched, huh? But so easy to fire it back up again, too. Praise God. You help fire me, girl! I love you!

  4. The Word replenishes my soul. It is my lifeline. I know what you mean by that. Without it I would be lost in a world of darkness.

    Love you, Darla. You bless me. 😉

  5. Thank you for sharing so deeply Darla. It is easy to get side-tracked with commentaries, theology, interpretation. I’m finding that too much of that lodges in my head, but not in my heart. When I turn to His Word, it lodges in my heart.

    Love you Darla.And by the way, I think your “badly worn NIV” is probably a “good-ly worn NIV”. 🙂

  6. Thank you, Darla. Leaving off this pleasure and spending more time with the “common taters” was a major factor in my downfall in 1992. It allowed me to be swept away with the negativity all around me. Now, it is me and Him–quietly listening to His Word to me.

  7. Amen sis! and on that note…I’m gonna go pick up my bible! lol

  8. Praying for you, my sister….

    Let the light of Christ wash over you, may the presence of God envelop you 🙂

    Thank you God.

  9. You mean I just can’t “take it or leave it” The Word actually must be in my life ?? that’s a good thought!

  10. Darla, I love your consistent encouragement to us to draw close to God. So happy that you feel “home” with God. I do too, after the spiritual hard time that I’ve been going through over the past few weeks. Like you said, “Thank you Jesus you are faithful and true.” Love you.

  11. Gchy- I left you a message on the post before this one. LOL you do love me huh?

    Carl- Amen, sometimes HE needs to remind me that everything is wrong when I wanderer out on my own..hate when I do that!

    Annie and Michelle, thanks for fanning my flame when I am not sure I even have one. You are both good encouragers, and I thank God that you are on this road with me.

    Sheep. Dale, Papa- you all speak wisdom to me, and if its in the WORD, then I love it!

    Bajan, Rehanna- you both inspire me so much to keep moving on this road, I have such a great love for you both!! God is moving, and I desire to be with HIM! XOXOXO

  12. Birgit- you are a princess!! beautiful, and always leave me such kind comments…you know we all have those low moments, and I try to be transparent about mine, as they teach me, I pass it on, so many fade away because no one talks about the struggles, so we end up feeling like it is just us…one of the enemies biggest lies! Love you so much!! you are precious to me…and glad we both made it home with HIM. 😉

  13. tam

    i love that you dont pretend to know it all and have it all together. thanks for showing us this part of you. thanks for always being a place that i feel safe around…because we are all figuring this out as we go and you welcome us in. and on top of that – you inspire and encourage with loving words and excited spirit that propels us to seek more. thank you, darla. truly, thank you.

    i love you!

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