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Happy Birthday to ME!

Well, today was my Birthday…and it has been a very blessed day. Of course we went to church and I had communion which is always sweet, but extra sweet on your birthday! My family always tries to make every day special so birthdays are not earth shattering, but we do try to make them special. My Hubs rocks! here are some pics from my day…

Are these not the kewlest shocking pink roses you have ever seen?!?!  I love them!

Yes, steak on the grill, mushrooms and onions….serious points Hubs!

Cheesecake with Genache chocolate  ….  mmmmmm now thats how birthday cake should be!

I also needed a new watch sooooo sweet thing bought me one of those too..pretty silver with engraved hearts and some turquois, and my daughter bought me a wallet..(i really needed one) and it also has enlayed silver with a heart on it…but I can’t get a good pic of either without the glare.  LOL I am sharing my birthday with you all, as you all are also my family…I would have shared my cheesecake with you if you were here! 

Just had to share these one more time! ahhhhhh Thank you Jesus, I am so blessed! and Father God I applaud the roses!



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Pouring back my Praise on HIM

Sorry this is the only vid I could find of this song, without it looking like I was singing in my living room.. LOL  This is one of my favorite songs, and I always walk away remembering how Great is my God, and how much HE has done for me.  I always leave this song wanting to pour my love and praise on HIM as HE is all that is worthy.

CeCe Winans- Alabaster Box  (listen and follow the words…I think something in it will resonate with you)



The room grew still

As she made her way to Jesus

She stumbles through the tears that made her blind

She felt such pain

Some spoke in anger

Heard folks whisper

“there is no place here for her kind”

Still on she came

through the shame that flushed her face

until at last she knelt before HIS feet

And although she said no words

Everything she said was heard

As she poured her love for the Master

from her box of Alabaster

And I’ve come to pour

my praise on HIM  like oil

from Marys alabaster box

Don’t be angry if I wash HIS feet with my tears

and dry them with my hair

You weren’t there the night HE found me

You did not feel what I felt

WHen HE wrapped HIS loving arms around me

You don’t know the cost of the oil in my alabaster box

I can’t forget the way life used to be

I was a prisoner to the sin that me bound

And I spent my days

poured my life without measure

into a little treasure box, I thought I found

Until the day when Jesus came to me

And HE healed my soul

with the wonder of HIS touch

So now I’m giving back to HIM

All the praise HE’s worthy of

I’ver been forgiven and thats why

I love HIM so much


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