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Relationship? waz dat?

Do you know what relationship really is? and do you have any?  Unfortunately, not too many really do, and the next generation even less, and the teens today are lacking it, and their behavior is showing it.

GOD wired us for relationship….

HE wired us to feel physical touch,

HE wired us to feel loved,

HE wired us to hear kind words, soft voices, friendly eyes looking back at us.

I love modern technology! Can’t wait to see what comes out next! But our culture today is very deceptive in the way it tears the relationship away.  NOT saying that good things are not happening as well. But how about the people physically close to us?

Teen on my bus…”my mom texts me too much, and i follow her on twitter, i run out of things to talk to her about”.   Me: ” so what do you do when you get home?”  teen: stay mostly in my room, homework, facebook, twitter…mostly bored”.  we have become a culture more and more of short messages, we don’t even spell correctly anymore, and we forget to touch, to laugh, to slow down, have conversation that does not include technology. Scary…the enemy will take something that is good and use it against us if we are not careful.

Relationships take time, the need to experience each other is necessary. Time spent together is necessary.  I know..We have it undercontrol.  or do we?  What are a children learning from us as we move through this technology are they applying what they see?

I am no longer surprised that believers in Jesus Christ, do not believe in a personal relationship with HIM, we live in an age where relationship is disposable, and as easy as click to rid a person from your following.  I guess the enemy has done his homework, and praying that the body of Christ will do theirs..literally.

AGAIN..i am not knocking twitter, facebook, or any other technology…please don’t allow those things to be your only relationships, and God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit are not on these things..they are sitting beside you..waiting for relationship.

What in your own definition is relationship? How does one come into a deeper relationship with anyone?



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Wedding Dress- Derek Webb

As I listened to this intro/video , first shocked at the raw look at who we have become…we need to wake up, and take GOD seriously…this is not about wealth..and although I believe that HE wants to expand our boundries, HE wants us to be working the back yards we have.It doesn’t mean HE doesn’t send some abroad, or that some will be wealthy.  It can’t be our priority. I don’t  want to be an adulterous bride…harsh? yeah..reality check.

Intro to Wedding Dress- Derek Webb

Wedding Dress- Derek Webb


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God’s Word…to me

Do you love the Word? I mean really love the Word?  I do. But through much negativity that has been surrounding me, I started to fade out from the one thing that replenishes me.  For me, its a daily deep drink that is needed to climb the mountains, and press on.  Technology is great, and wonderful things are happening there.  I love my Quick Verse, love E-sword….what always seems to happen to me though is…soon they become a replacement for holding the Word in my hands, soon I stop saying “Lord what does that mean?” , and soon I am taking a mans view through commentary to stand for more than Gods.  Ahhhhhh it saddens me to even admit that.  If that cycle continues in my life, God no longer has first place in my heart, and I am no longer asking what HE thinks or what HE means, and soon, HE has no place in my quiet time.  And I love HIM with all my heart.  It happens, it shouldn’t. 

I have spent the last few days reading straight from my badly worn NIV, full of notes, and colored underlines, and fell in love with HIM all over again.  HE has been awesome to remind me that HIS word is personal to me, and HE loves the time I spend with HIM.  Thinking of how the creator of all things, the one who formed me, waits for me to spend time with HIM.  And me…wieghing out what man says about how I can not have this relationship that I have.  Really think about it…how can man define what you and HE have together? they can’t!

Please understand I am not a hater of theologians, there are a some that are very dear to my heart, and personal friends, and their words and thoughts are important to me.  I just need to not allow them to replace the time I spend with HIM one on one. 

Sitting at HIS feet, holding my Bible, falling asleep with it laying open on my chest, under my pillow..are my fondest memories.  When I would have reoccuring nightmares, open on my chest and slept like a baby..LOL for real…Under my pillow because it is my life line…thats where I was at one point with HIM, and that is where HE brought me back to.  Thank you Jesus you are faithful and true. 

Please spend some time with HIM today, please open your Bible and read from the scripture what HE is saying to you…HE loves us so…no matter what anyone will ever say to cause you to second guess HIM, HE will not change, and HE holds HIS arms open to you…”come home”…I’m home…

(about two years ago I fell in this same pit…and a respected theologian talked to me and said in a very compassionate tone..”Darla, you are not needing a quickverse right are needing a slow one”.  I remember his words this time…wisest advice I have ever had)


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Pressing on…towards what?

I believe that as a child of God , I am holy and dearly loved, a holy priesthood to spread the knowlege of knowing HIM.  I believe that I am the bride of Christ.  I believe that I am the apple of HIS eye.  I believe that HE is always good, and always at work in my best interest to look more like HIS son, in character.  I could go on..and yes each one mentioned above is scriptural…and to all believers..all part of our identity in Christ.  Knowing these things is one thing(and important for me to  know), but believing them with my heart is another thing completely. This is where the battle of the mind takes place.  It is critical to my walk to be careful what I take into my mind, it is critical that I don’t take part in things that are not praiseworthy.  Not because I am “holier than thou”, because I want Jesus to be what you see in me, and not me at all.  If I take part in crude joking, to the non-believer there will be no Jesus shining through it.  If I gossip about someone else…again  no Jesus in that. 

Michelle has an awesome post up right now on Guarding the Heart, and it is exactly what God has been talking to me about the last couple of weeks.  If you haven’t read it, go and read. 

My goal that I am pressing on … is to be more like Jesus, a pic of Ephesians, I John, and to be the bride in Revelations ready for her bridegroom-and overcomer.  Peace.


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Serving Idols

II Kings 17: 33/41  both verses reference worshipping God and serving other gods/idols…(a study by Kelly Minter- No Other Gods-is built off these verses, and worth a look)

I have been on a thought pattern for sometime, and it coincides with idol worship.  The first commandment is “Thou shalt have no other God’s before me”.  My thoughts are running to-how many other gods do we have, and what is thier purpose in our lives?  Is it unbelief that creates them?  I am leaning towards it is unbelief..but before anyone jumps to their feet and stomps off…I am not accusing anyone, as I have my own issues.  So work through this with me…

If we are motivated by anything other than God, that makes that one thing an idol..we may not worship it, but we serve it.  How about just the way we dress?, or the way we obsess over things we don’t have? or maybe things we do have that we hold so dearly to us?  just my thoughts this morning…what do you think about idols in a modern world? They aren’t usually statues in the western world, they are usually more subtle.

Father God, we fall upon your mercy, we are worshipping you and serving other gods.  We desperately need you to show us each one, and then help us to know how to tear it down.  We need your guidance, and we need soft hearts to agree with you.  Please take your place on the throne of our hearts, and may everything that appeals to us, automatically take a seat behind you.  Forgive us for the way we reach out to things of this world, all the while knowing you are the Only One who is worthy of our worship and service.  Your child that shudders at the thought of idols subtly creeping into my life.


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Sabatoge- Age of Seduction

There are so many distractions in this world, and I need to keep my eyes on Jesus at all times…hey I am not the only need to do it as well.  Last year, I went to see Toby Mac (0ne of my favorite bros), and one of his songs made an impression on my heart that I can not escape from. Maybe its the reality of it that has gripped my heart, or maybe the Truth behind it.  Somehow the jest of it is- we make our minds up to follow Christ and be the parents or spouses, or Christ followers that we are called to be, and then we step into the world, and its like we are “children at a three ring circus”.  Lately I have been practicing keeping my eyes where they belong…on Jesus, and have been more aware of the sabatoge that is before me to pull me in another direction.  Walk into a mini market and the first thing to see is magazines with people less than half dressed…its all going into our minds whether or not we respond to it.  Slowly and strategically desensitizing our morals, poisoning our minds, and setting us up for the fall.  Commericals, how much clothing can be taken off before she just isn’t wearing any? It’s not even leaving much to the imagination. Things we choose to over look are filling our minds, and we need to be praying for God to remove them.

Pornography has been part of my life longer than I like to admit to, and I have seen it destroy little childrens lives, and marriages, and turn people into hideous creatures…I believe with all my heart we are in the age of seduction, the enemy has planned it out well, and has been laying traps to trip up God’s children.  I have heard arguments against this, but think about it. The enemy mocks God.  The enemy knows his time is running out… destroying the marriage and all it stands for in light of the ultimate marriage to happen between the bride and groom (Jesus and the body), this is all like the enemy spitting in God’s face.  Beware!  its everywhere! 

Its hard to keep our eyes on Jesus, the distractions are great and they appeal to us.  Please pray for the men in your life, not condemning them, but praying for them to have thier armor on when they go for milk.  yea! the enemy is that low…and its not just men…women we are as guilty, we need prayer to keep our mind free of fantasy, and lust, and flirting…it all leads to no where. When the television is on during a show that is not bad for you, verbalize during the commerical what is wrong with it..our children are not getting the whole picture of what is not pleasing about a seductive commercial, if we choose to not speak. Last night, a commerical on Lifetime, was for “Army wives”, and it was acceptable to portray that if your man is away, make the best of sex with a harm done.  THAT IS A HUGE LIE!  Don’t let the world sabatoge your happiness and walk with God…keep your eyes on Jesus … Literally!

“How can we sense the tide that’s rising, desensitizing me…while living in the light of eternity….all eyes are on you Jesus, all eyes are on you.” ~Toby Mac


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