Pondering, God is always in control

Some days just move along according to plan, and seem the same as any other day, and some days are filled with ponderings on past, present, and future.  Today was a pondering day.  I believe that God is always in control, and if the enemy gets to me, then HE allowed it for my good.  Sounds harsh.  But I don’t believe God is cruel just for something to do or that its fun for HIM.  I believe its always to shake something out of me or to teach me something that I am needing or will need. 

Today I thought about all the things that have happened around me that are hurtful, and how much I don’t want to make those same bad choices because of them.  So I laid it all out before HIM.  “I need to respond  correctly and not react negatively”.  *sigh* I continued to battle with who I am in Christ.  That seems to be my weakest area, although I know it, sometimes believing is hardest. 

I started to feel old injuries (from abuse, some inflicted on me, some self inflicted). I acknowleged them.  And then it came to me…HE has removed me from who I was to who I am now, and that seems like a completely different person, like watching some movie on life time.  I am a new creation, I am the daughter of the KING, I am HIS, and HE is teaching me.  All in HIS time, All in HIS ways, and exactly how HE made me to recieve it. 

I wonder if people ever truly get the fact that when they are careless and hurtful, that they cause a child of God to stumble and sometimes fall down.  Praying to not be careless and hurtful…two negatives will never make a positive. I want to be more like Jesus, and sometimes that requires suffering, and remaining speechless…



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8 responses to “Pondering, God is always in control

  1. Sis .. You need to go read the post I just put up…

    God is amazing… 😀

    Love to ya.

  2. Darla – mama and I have marveled/discussed how special you are as a Christian. Several in this blogging family have been a real blessing and teacher to papa and mama – you are one of them – you have always been kind – even when I harass you! LOL Wish I could hug and kiss you right now!

  3. tam

    mmmm – so perfectly said sister. and i can relate to each word.

    “I want to be more like Jesus, and sometimes that requires suffering, and remaining speechless…”

    sometimes it is good to stay silent. sometimes. and others it isnt. it takes discernment. but God must always be in control in either case.

    Lord, in our silence, let our hearts and thoughts not grow resentful and hateful.

    Lord, in our speech, let our mouths not run off without You.

  4. CK- good morning brother! I am on my way over there right now!

    Papa- that is a very high compliment so early in my day..thank you, and I would certainly accept that hug and kiss whenever I can get it 😉

    Tam- I am using your prayer today..it brought tears only because I have been so speechless before HIM and I have said I don’t know how or what I need to pray..and then you typed it out for me..thank you! Its exactly what I have been searching my heart for. Love you sister, more than you know!

  5. “I wonder if people ever truly get the fact that when they are careless and hurtful, that they cause a child of God to stumble and sometimes fall down.”

    I think people know that. But I think they don’t realize that they are being careless and hurtful sometimes. That’s the problem really is.

    Sometimes, we don’t realize that the words we say are causing someone else some pain… perhaps because we are honestly not aware of the other person’s situation, or perhaps because what we mean is not the same as it comes out.

    Sometimes, even if we know that being temperamental or acting un-calmly , we are more likely to do more damage than good, we cannot control ourselves, thus hurting others in the process.

    So yes, I think we know… sometimes, we just don’t know how to stop ourselves.

    I hope I am making sense.

    At any rate, all I really wanna say is I heart you. Warm hugs…

  6. ♥ you Sherna! you have a beautiul heart..and I am hearing you! love you

  7. Love you, Darla. Praying for deep healing from old wounds and new. He has worked within you in beautiful ways and you have touched my heart. I appreciate your friendship and having you as a prayer partner, but most of all, as a sister in Christ.

    Some day we’re gonna get to meet up and enjoy blessed fellowship. You’re real. I like real.


  8. I have these days too. Have been having some of them. And yes, God is in control. Love you, sis.

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