HE never lets go! NEVER

(BTW today is Scotts birthday..stop over and leave him some Bday love ! )


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5 responses to “HE never lets go! NEVER

  1. Papa after 50 plus years as a Christian is still hanging on and will never let go – He has always been faithful to papa and mama!

  2. You know I heard this song in spanish for the first time last week..I heard the English version was good..it IS! Love that he never lets go!

  3. Rehanna-I would love to hear this in spanish..its one of those songs that helps to refocus on the Lord, and that no matter what is happening around me…HE is unchangeable..Never letting go! I will try to email you soon in answer to your email, haven’t forgotten..praying for you and your ministry..Love you sooo much!!

    papa- and you best not let go of me either..just saying…

  4. I just listened to this today. I saw the note to say “hi” to Scott and never came back.

    I love this song…love the truth of it! He will never let go of me. Just like you said, the circumstances don’t change the truth.

    Love you, Darla. Have a good Friday! 😉

  5. Great song! Sorry I missed Scott’s birthday! Give him a “Happy belated B-Day” from me. 🙂

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