Seriously Random!

If I could do anything I want right now, I think I am doing it.  So many things need my attention, so I am back to making a list..or I get lost.  When  people tear me down, it effects me much later, and usually when everyone else has forgotten.  *sigh*  Driving the bus always sets me up to see and hear things I don’t always want to hear and, is cold, and little ones climbing on the bus with out even a jacket on…makes me sad and then angry..all over the world adults have forgotten children…again it makes me angry.  I am seldom right..but when I am I want my turn!  Oh I was thinking about how far I have come in my life so far, and without a doubt that is all glory to God.  For the people who want to steal my joy and my hope….lean in ..closer ..closer…close enough for me to reachout and grab ahold of you!  Nevermind!  ARGH!  Did you know that Hippos are friendly to dogs?  Yeah, my daughter informed me of this last night, and they will even help a mother dog tend to her babies..strange..the info not my daughter (haha), I need to get something for my Hubs birthday, and I am all out of ideas that are not food! I know food works..but its his birthday , ya know?  What do you think I should get him? Help with some ideas… or let me know some random piece of information that is floating around in your head! 



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14 responses to “Seriously Random!

  1. For his birthday – I wanted to say get him a room – after his last post – but I won’t mention that. How about getting him a hippo – to help watch the dog when your gone. I like gift certificates, then I can pick out my own gift – even walmart. Any new Cd’s out there he would like? How a new brother or sister for Trina or Derek ?? Naww, too old.

  2. Papa?!?! am I too old or him? think this out is a loaded question…I like the hippo idea…when we bought this house he got a room! 😆 thanks for the tips..

  3. Darla, if your husband likes to hunt or take target practices there is the “Laser Shooter Alarm Clock” for $20 at Amazon – “when the alarm sounds, spring into action by shooting the bull’s eye with your laser. When you finally hit the target, the alarm will turn off.” Of course if he doesn’t exactly spring into action in the morning that clock might not last too long.

    You could get “12 hour heated socks” from Hammacher Schlemmer for $25 – “Even in the most bitter cold, these heated wool and Thermostat socks provide soothing warmth. Thermostat is made from hollow-core fibers that trap air while moving moisture away from skin.”

    I just read a science news article – “UCLA scientists have found that for computer-savvy middle-aged and older adults, searching the Internet triggers key centers in the brain that control decision-making and complex reasoning. The findings demonstrate that Web search activity may help stimulate and possibly improve brain function”

  4. Four Pillars of a Mans Heart By Stu Weber. You should be able to pick it up used….

  5. Darla – Ed is special! LOL He tickles me to death – I like his ideas! sorry, I am staying away from the age thing! HA!

  6. Ed- your ideas are awesome… *sigh* I especially love the laser clock…but if he misses it too many times…I would be the one to break accident of course 🙄 and as for random…I love it!!

    Carl- that was a serious idea, and I love it..I am guessing Barnes and Noble or a Christian bookstore?

    Papa- you started the old thing…and yes you and Ed are characters, and I love you both! 😉

  7. I would try a Christian Book Store… Amazon has if for sure…

  8. tam

    he needs a iced kicker. yup thats what he needs.

    i know where you can get him a reeeeeal good one!


  9. I’m likin Ed’s sock idea! 😆 I may get those for myself. 😉 heehee

    I have no ideas Dear. I am horrible at buying Jake presents. He never likes anything I get him. 😯 Why don’t guys like scarves with matching gloves and hat? I’ll never know. 🙄 hahaha!



  11. CK- I will be looking for that book…thanks, love ya brother!

    TAM- oh he does want one and I know the perfect Dutch to get it at…might as well visit you, its around the corner from your house!! 🙂 love you chica!

    Bran- I saved you! I love Eds ideas too..I am with you..I think the socks are for me…I hate cold feet! 😉 love you, you always make me smile, lots!

  12. DaRonn

    When I was little my mom drove a bus as well and she would always come home telling stories of her interaction with the kids. She always had something special that happened. The greatest things is that the kids missed her when she was gone. Amazing how they help us to notice the important things in life.

  13. DaRonn, they really do miss us when we are not there, and although I see many needy children, my heart goes out even more to the ones you are bless me, and I am thanking God for you and yours and the work you are doing.

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