Crater Lake -Amazing

Speechless…no words to descibe this…



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8 responses to “Crater Lake -Amazing

  1. Heidi

    We used to camp there EVERY year until I was about 9. I remember sitting with cold cheese sandwhiches (one of my favs) and try to throw stones to the island until my arms got sore. Crater lake is majestic.

    Its even prettier in the winter…
    So you know what that means huh?????

    Love you Prin

  2. I hope its pretty in October! Beautiful picture Darla! I love the peaks! We lived in Lake Placid, NY – beautiful peaks there as well. I am so anxious to see Oregon!

  3. I have to see this with my own eyes someday. My mom and dad went there in a driving tour of the states.

  4. ang

    I’ll say it again…I’m JEALOUS:)

    Come to my blog ” Just Some Thoughts” post…

    I need your help with something….

  5. ang

    and how could you forget me on blogroll 😦

    I know I’ve been gone…but didn’t think I was forgotten


  6. That’s amazing.

    I want to see this, the redwoods, the Pacific, and Tam.

    Whatcha got in PA?

    ♥ U, Darla!!!

  7. WOW!!!

    That is just incredible.

    I’m loving the pictures! 🙂

    have a wonderful weekend…


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