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Guess who?

You couldn’t guess in a million years!! My princess Lace has a blog!!!  Woot!  so go over and give her some blog love…tell her I sent you..

Lace…I love your precious heart! sorry its a mama thing! 🙂  dang! how can I make this smiley face any bigger!!!


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Woke this morning to this song in my head…

Will you worship?  Will you bow down before the LORD and KING?…over and over these questions were rolling off my lips and not just my mind.  Have you ever just thought for a sec that HE really only wants us to worship HIM, love HIM, and follow after HIM?

My answer is yes!  I will worship, and I will bow down before my LORD and KING.  How about you?  Will you honor HIM today, and just give HIM your undivided attention?  That is my prayer this morning for me and for all HIS children, Oh Lord, that we would take our rightful place today, at your feet, full of humility, and gratefulness as we worship the only ONE who is worthy.



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