Hair to serve you


Yes, Tam is a sweet heart! She allowed us to stay with her, she is awesome company, loves Jesus, sings like an angel, and YES..cut our hair too!! How cool is that?? Are we having too much fun? is that possible?? 



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11 responses to “Hair to serve you

  1. I was going to get my haircut before I go out there – maybe I will wait! A black refrigerator ?? I knew there was a dark side to this family!! lol

  2. That looks a LOT like my barber shop… sorry, hair salon.

  3. What a girl! What can’t she do!?

  4. She is migh-tay migh-tay!! 😆

  5. tam

    hahaha!!!! “migh-tay migh-tay”

    do you have to go?


    please stay!


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  7. Heidi

    Hey… you are older than me and no greys?

    Is that you true hair color?? I love that color!!

    Is it possible that Tam could do everything?


  8. Is it possible that Tam could do everything?

    Special Agent Tam.
    a.k.a. Agent 99.

  9. Yes I believe that Tam can do everything..she is still denying that she is Agent 99 ( but maybe a grand daughter..mmmm she is not that old)

    Hair color Feria Power Reds R68….love it! and Praise365 does my color, and Tam did the cut…Radical!!!

    ♥ you!

    BTW- Tam i do have to leave for committments..but I will always be close to you..hahaha you will not lose contact with me, and who knows God may just provide for your fam to come stay with us and visit Ric and Bad…mmmmmm that sounds good huh?? Or you could just come with me now

  10. Your husband as the colorist (is that the right term? dunno) and Tam as the cutter (again, is that the right term? think I need to go back to my english 101).

    Anyway, having a husband and a blogger-friend do your hair. Wow, that’s something.

    I like your hair color.

    Tam’s too.

    Hey, please show us a pic of you in your “new hair.”

  11. What a blessing!

    Have a great 4th of July weekend.

    Blessings in Christ-

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