Daily Archives: July 15, 2008

I only need one thing!

I only need one thing…What you don’t believe that?  mmmmmmm well in all my to-do’s and they are many…and all the people I love that are hurting, and all the ones I don’t know who are hurting…I have contemplated …

Maybe I need more time sitting at HIS feet.

Maybe I need to spend more time in the Word (which never hurts)

Maybe I need a spiritual nap.

Maybe I have been to indecisive and need to make some decisions.

Maybe I need a more structured routine.


Only one thing I need…I need to crawl up on my Daddys lap and dump all of it, and let HIM be HIM, who loves and accepts me, and already knows my heart…thinking that is exactly what I will do!  Care to join me..HE has a big lap, and more love than I can fathom…



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