Daily Archives: July 8, 2008

Walking Partners

I love to walk  for exercise but don’t really like walking alone.  So I usually find someone who wants to walk with me.  If I have a day when I can find no one to walk with me, I don’t walk.  My spiritual life has had many struggles to the same thought pattern.  Sometimes its hard to find someone to walk this road with, and eventually I sit down on it, and just don’t move forward.

As I spent time with the Lord last night, this is what resonated on my heart.

Who are you walking with?  The Lord is always ready and willing to walk with us, and at times we refuse to walk with him and seem to think we are walking alone…but we are not.  He is always there, waiting to walk through life with us. But in our defiance, we open the door to the enemy to walk with us.  Just thinking about that gives me shivers.  The enemy who hates us, who wants our destruction, who will do anything to keep us away from God…is sometimes our choice of a walking partner!  😯  So in reality, I am walking through life with one or the other.  This pushed me to make sure I am back in  my studies, and obedient to my God, repentant, moving with HIM.

I have heard non-believers say that “this whole God thing is insanity”, but walking with your enemy who wants to destroy you and your life is truly insanity.  Who are you walking with?


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