Daily Archives: July 16, 2008

Blessed to serve

I am blessed to help my church.  Do you ever think about it like that?  We are blessed to walk along side of the Lord and help Him in His work.  Its never about us, and of course that is not natural in the world.  But I do ask you to try to take a step back from your ministries, and take a look at the call the Lord has put on you to be where you are today.  Some where in the mix we start to think “I” and “I’ and sometimes “we”, but we are only helpers, all called to different areas, and asked to do different things.  If I become overwhelmed in service it almost always means that I have taken first place and my thinking is about me.  OUCH!! That hurts… Glad its all about HIM and not about me!

GOD has allowed me to help with a group from my church to reach out to the neighborhood, through a block party.  Amazing how when I let HIM do HIS job, things fall in place.  Things planned are food (of course), games, bouncing-moon walk, dunk tank, live music, puppet show, and prizes!!! imagine doing all this for the community, and advertising it for “FREE” .  Yes that is what we did!  Praying that the community will see Jesus in us, and will be touched by the acts of random kindness, and will want to know our Jesus.  Praying for a bridge to be built between our church and the community.  Would love to have your prayers for this.  Are you involved in your church?  Do you know that you are blessed to join HIM in HIS work?



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