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Writing in Bibles!

Can you imagine, after all the time I took to teach my children not to write in books, I am writing in my Bible, and encouraging them to do the same…Hey when a passage jumps out at you…it may very well be God trying to get a point across, and don’t miss it.  I am also guilty of highlighting things in my Bible that I have categorized…such as…

Pink = promises from God to me

Green = reminders to me that HE goes before me, and protects me, hems  me in, Eph.6

Blue = instructions to the believer in how to live/walk through this world

Red = words that God said (in the OT) , I am not sure why HE was not red in the first place as Jesus in the NT, I mean, come on, they are both God. 

This is all time consuming but it has given me a great love for reading it, and it helps me find what I need quickly…I was greatly disturbed when I seen that the Book store sells a Bible already highlighted and color coded!  WHAT!!  First thought…I spent all that time, and someone already did that!  Second thought…It is good for me to find my own, and spend the time with the Lord in the Word.

SO question…Do you write in your Bible? Why or Why not?  Am I defacing the Word of God?  Just felt like opening this can of worms…and no you can not be wrong in your answer…enquiring minds and all !



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