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Waging War

After the last days of feeling like I was walking through water, cloudy brain, and being on edge…you can imagine the relief when I woke up this morning and it was gone.  While having my quiet time, I was just praising HIM that my perspective seemed better, and that HE is always with me.  I love that! 

I have been looking for a few things that I seem to have misplaced since I returned from vacation and this morning, it was totally clear where they were…so I was all about “thank you Jesus, thank you”…and I continued to get ready for my day.  One of the things I misplaced was a CeCe Winans cd that I just bought and only listened to the first five songs.  Knowing that CeCe can bring on the worship in me..I put it on.  Again this prompting in me…”jump ahead to what you haven’t heard yet”..HAHAHA God is good!  This is what I found…causing me to fall into awe of HIM, and remembering fresh all that HE has promised and all HE is capable of..

Waging War

Anoint my head

Anoint my feet

Send your Angels raining down,

here on the battleground

For your GLory, we’re taking territory

Fighting unseen enemies like never before

We’re waging war.

I’m tiired of principalities messin with me

I’m tired of the devil  stealing from me

I promise he won’t get one more thing

I’m taking it back, taking territory

We’re waging war

I’m ready for the battle

I’m ready to win

We’re waging war

My weapon of power HE lives within

We’re waging war

I can’t be defeated

the enemy has got to flee

we’re waging war

I’m taking it back, taking territory

Going into battle

be my sword, be my shield

as we claim the victory over the enemy

In your name you rule and reign.

never being defeated anymore

we’re waging war

Send your fire, fire by night

cloud by day, a strong tower.

Send the Latter rain

Lion of Judah

Lord God  might in battle

Since you did it back then

we know you’ll do it again.


Does God ever speak to you through music?? I just love when HE gives me a new song on my heart, and that it encourages me like it does!  (This is also a direct result of all my soldiers….praying me through..love you and thank you)


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